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Gtech on YouTube: our new Gtech Cordless Vacuums Playlist

Gtech's YouTube channel, has a brand new playlist. The Gtech Cordless Vacuums playlist has a selection of eight videos, focussing on everything you need to know about the Gtech AirRam and Gtech Multi cordless vacuum cleaners. Watch our popular AirRam and Multi TV adverts and take a peek behind the scenes of our all-singing, all-dancing Break Free commercial. You can also view informative technical videos in our playlist.

Explore the world of Gtech today by browsing our Gtech cordless vacuums playlist.

Gtech AirRam and Multi – Love vacuuming with our ultimate cleaning system.

Have you been waiting for a more efficient way to vacuum the house?

Let Gtech founder and CEO, Nick Grey, break down why our Gtech cordless vacuums can make vacuuming both simple and enjoyable. Get rid of the cord today and see how easy vacuuming should be.

Gtech Multi Cordless Handheld Vacuum – How It Works

Ever wondered how the Gtech Multi actually works?

Discover the vast capabilities of the Gtech Multi with our How It Works tutorial. From the science behind the cleaning to those all-important statistics, find out everything you need to know today.

Gtech AirRam – Efficient Cordless Vacuuming

How efficient is the Gtech AirRam?

Find out with our founder, Nick Grey, as he walks you through all the benefits that come with owning a high performance cordless vacuum. Lightweight, cordless, manoeuvrable and efficient – check out the AirRam today.

Nick Grey – Break Free with Gtech AirRam #losethecord

What does Nick Grey think of the latest Gtech Break Free TV Advert?

Hear the Gtech founder’s thoughts on the Break Free ad, as well as what he considers to be some of the most important factors when it comes to designing new products.

Gtech AirRam Cordless Vacuum Technical CGI

What’s it like inside a Gtech AirRam?

Watch our walkthrough video to get a full breakdown of the mechanics of the Gtech AirRam. Get under the skin of the Gtech cordless vacuum today and see it piece by piece, from the inside out.

Arlene Phillips – Break Free with Gtech AirRam #losethecord

How hard is it to choreograph 60 dancers and 100 cordless vacuum cleaners?

Get the answer from Arlene Phillips, Ex Strictly Come Dancing judge and choreographer of the We Will Rock You stage musical as well as a number of music videos from some of the world’s best known artists.

Break Free with Gtech AirRam #losethecord

Are you ready to Break Free yet?

Enjoy our Break Free Gtech advert in full, and discover the joys of cordless vacuuming to one of Queen’s greatest hits.

Gtech AirRam – Making the Break Free Advert #losethecord

Want to know how adverts are really made?

Go behind the scenes on the production of the Break Free Gtech advert – showcasing the Gtech AirRam’s multiple capabilities with 60 dancers, 100 cordless vacuums, and a 10,000ft2 studio.

Our latest Gtech YouTube playlist lets you explore our Gtech cordless vacuums from every angle. Find out more on the Gtech Multi and Gtech AirRam today, and join the cordless revolution.

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