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Electric Bike Mudguards

One of the most inconvenient things about cycling in the rain is water that is sprayed up by your wheels onto your clothing before you reach your destination. With mudguards, that doesn’t have to be an issue.

Choose our durable mudguards for your Gtech eBike – perfect for protecting you from the roadside spray when you’re in a rush on your morning commute.

If you’ve never thought to invest in mudguards for your eBike before, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how effectively our bike mudguards stop water spray when you have to ride in the rain. They will protect you and your backpack from any dirt being kicked up from your back wheel.

Do you have the right frame? These eBike mudguards are for frames starting with the VIN WS16. This applies to both City and Sports frames.

You can find your VIN number on the base of your frame next to the pedals.

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