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A mower that is powerful, compact, easy to use… and cordless.

Gardens are for enjoying, so why does your lawnmower make it such a chore? Once you’ve tried the new Gtech Falcon you will wonder why you ever put up with power cords or petrol motors.
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FAQ's for the Gtech Falcon Cordless Lawn Mower

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Why is my mower not turning on?
There are a couple of reasons as to why your mower could not be turning on: Check that the Upper Handle is fully extended; there should be an audible click when it is in place. Check the charge of the battery; make sure the battery is showing green LEDs when the button is pressed. Make sure that the Activation Key is fully inserted and is located properly. A spare can be purchased if it is lost. Check the order that you are activating the mower. First press the green starter release button and then pull the activation lever.
How big is the bin?
40 Litres.
How much weight will the grass box sustain?
The grassbox will hold up to 10kg.
Is there a mulcher accessory for the mower?
No. Gtech does not supply a mulcher accessory.
Can I use the mower without a grass box?
Yes you can, however, the performance of the mower may be lower and the grass will be left uncollected.
The area of cut is not big enough / time of cutting is not good enough.
The first cut of the year will always be the hardest for any lawn mower to handle, we recommend using a higher setting for the first cut of the season. The height of the cut could be too low for the height of the grass, which reduces runtime. Wet grass will also reduce runtime.
What height should I cut my grass on?
It is suggested that you test the cutting height on a small patch of grass, to avoid cutting too deep and creating bald patches. For very level, fine leaved lawns we recommend setting 1 (30mm) or 2 (40mm). For a healthy, level, hard-wearing lawn, we recommend setting 3 (50mm) or 4 (60mm). For longer grass, uneven ground and damp grass we recommend setting 5 (70mm) or 6 (80mm).
Is the battery covered within the warranty?
Yes, the battery will be covered for 2 years.
The charger LED is flashing red.
The battery could be overheated and is too hot to charge after use. Allow the battery to cool down and then charge. If the battery has been left to cool and the charger LED is still flashing red and or is flashing at a rapid rate, then there is a battery fault and you will need to call Gtech.
I cannot remove the battery from the housing.
Make sure you are pressing the green battery handle latch up, before trying to pull the battery out.
Why is my mower vibrating strongly or running unevenly?
It’s possible that the blade could be defective or loose. Remove the battery from the mower and check the blade.
Why is my mower hard to push?
Check that each wheel spins freely, they could just be stuck or jammed. The cutting level could be set too low. The grass may be very long and could need more than one pass
The machine works intermittently.
This could be due to an internal wiring fault.
Why is the blade not turning round freely / the motor is bogging down / struggling to cut?
There are a couple of reasons as to why any of these problems could be happening:
  • Check for any jammed grass between the blade and the lower deck or there could be clogged grass under the lower deck that needs removing.
  • The grass box may need emptying.
  • The mower may need to be pushed slower.
  • Check the charge of the battery; it could need recharging.
  • The cutting height may need to be increased.
  • Check for a build up of grass in the area between the lower deck and the grass box.
  • The height of the grass could be too long.
  • The grass may be very dense and will need two passes.
My battery won’t fit onto the housing.
Make sure you are aligning the connection pins properly.
How do I know if my battery is correctly attached?
An audible click should be heard when assembling the battery and the mower will turn on.
My battery is showing one green flashing LED
The battery needs to be put on charge.
How do I know if my battery is fully charged?
While the battery is on charge, the battery LEDs will progressively pulse, until all four are lit. When the battery is fully charged the battery LEDs will turn off and the charger LED will flash. This should take up to 5 hours.
Can I throw my battery away with normal waste?
When the product has reached the end of its life please do not dispose of it with general household waste. Consider the environment and take it to a recognised recycling facility. The product contains a Li-Ion battery, which should not be disposed of with general household waste. The battery should be disposed of properly with the product at a recycling facility. Call your local council, civic amenity site, or recycling centre for information on the disposal and recycling of electrical products.
The Lawnmower starts up and turns off straight away.
The battery could either be too hot or too cold. If it is too hot leave the battery to cool down. Check the state of charge to see whether the battery needs recharging. If the problem still persists, there could be a poor connection between one of the momentary switches.

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