Gtech HT05-Plus Extendable Hedge Trimmer

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Ultra-lightweight and easy to use, the HT05-Plus lets you trim up high and down low with ease.

FAQ's for the Gtech HT05-Plus Extendable Hedge Trimmer

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How long is the Hedge Trimmer blade?
Cutting time has reduced.
  • Use lighter cutting action and cut in several stages.
  • Fully discharge band recharge battery.
  • Clean and lubricate blade.
  • Replace blade.
What is the thickest branch I can cut with the Hedge Trimmer?
The maximum branch diameter with the Hedge Trimmer is 12mm.
Is the battery covered within the warranty?
Yes, the battery will be covered for 2 years.
Why is my Hedge Trimmer not turning on?
There are a couple of reasons as to why your Hedge Trimmer could not be turning on:
  • The battery needs recharging.
  • Check switch - it will click if operating correctly.
  • The blade may be jammed.
Why is the blade not moving freely/the motor is jamming/struggling to cut?
There are a couple of reasons as to why any of these problems could be happening:
  • Check for any jammed branches, sap or debris between the blade teeth.
  • The Hedge Trimmer may need to be moved slower.
  • The battery could need recharging.
  • The thickness of the hedge could be too large.
  • The hedge may be very dense and will need two passes.
  • You may need to clean or lubricate your blade - we recommend a water displacement/penetrating oil product such as WD40.
  • The blade could be worn or damaged. Replace it with a new one.
  • The trimmer may have automatically cut out. Wait for reset and use a lighter cutting action.
Why is my Hedge Trimmer vibrating strongly or running unevenly?
It’s possible that the blade or the head could be defective or loose. Remove the battery from the Hedge Trimmer and check the connection between the blade and the head.
The Hedge Trimmer works intermittently.
This could be due to an internal wiring fault.
There is no light showing on charge.
  • Check connections.
  • Check socket.

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