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How does the eBike work?
Your eBike is like a normal bicycle, but with electric pedal assistance. This means that you can pedal it like a normal bike, or the bike can assist your pedalling. The amount of assistance the eBike gives you will depend on how fast you are pedalling.
What’s the range of the eScent?
The Gtech eScent has a range of up to 20 miles, plenty to see you through the day’s adventures and safely home again.
Do I need a driving license?
No, you don’t need a driving license to ride an electronic bike, you just need to be over 14 years of age.
Do I need special insurance?
No. You don’t need any special insurance, MOTs or tax for your electric bike.
Can I fit a luggage rack, basket, pannier or carrier?
There are mounting points on the frame. It may be possible to fit some models to the frame and seat post but we recommend checking with the manufacturer for suitability.
Can you ride an electric bike in the rain?
Yes, we have designed the Gtech eScent so that all of the electrics are safely housed. Don’t fully submerge the bike in water or wash your frame using a pressure washer as this could damage the electrical counterparts and bearings on the bike.
Is the eScent available in different sizes ?
There is only 1 frame size available.
The frame size is 17.5” (44.5cm) which is equivalent to 22” (56cm) with suspension seat post fitted.
What is the height of the bike?
The height of the saddle from the ground can extend from 91.5cm (36”) to 106.5cm (42”). The handlebar height is approximately 108cm (42.5”)
Is the seat height adjustable?
Yes, there is 15cm (6”) of height adjustment.
Can you raise the handle bars?
There is no handle bar height adjustment
How many gears are there?
There are 10 gears.
Why does the bike have 10 gears?
This gives a wide range to select for riding in different conditions and terrain.
Is there any way of not having gears ?
No, this bike is designed with 10 gears.
Is the eScent available in different colours?
There is only 1 colour scheme available.
What are the component specifications used on the eScent?
The full specification of the bike and its components can be seen on the Gtech website.
Are there any accessories available?
Mudguards, lights, helmet, and a combination lock are available to purchase from Gtech.
Can I fit a drink bottle to the eScent ?
The eScent has mounting points for one bottle holder. A wide range of holders and bottles are available from local bicycle stores and online retailers.
Are the chains available from normal bike shops?
Yes, chains for 10 speed gears are readily available from bike shops and online retailers.
What makes it better than normal mountain bikes?
The eScent has features that you would expect to see on a normal mountain bike but with the added benefit of electrical power assistance.
Where is the bike made?
The bike is design and developed by Gtech in the UK, made in Taiwan, with final assembly and pre-delivery inspection carried out by Gtech in the UK.
What is the specification of the suspension?
The front forks are Rockshox TK 30 with 120mm travel, adjustable pressure and rebound, and lockout function. A full specification for the bike is available on the eScent product page.
How strong is the bike in terms of paths to ride on?
The bike has been tested to mountain bike standards and is suitable for off road riding.
Is there a minimum age restriction?
To ride an ebike in the UK you must be over 14 years old
Is there be a payment plan?
No, there is not an option for a payment plan.
Can I part exchange my original eBike?
No, we do not offer an option for part exchange.
Is there a free trial?
There is a 14 day free trial period.
Can I put it on a bike carrier?
Yes, you can put your electric bike on a bike carrier. We just advise that you remove the battery before doing this.
Do I ride it like an ordinary bike?
Yes, there are no complicated gears or settings; you simply pedal it just like a normal bike. The electronic bike will help power you up to 15mph and then you can travel faster than this using pedal power alone.
Can I use a trailer?
We do not recommend that you use a bicycle trailer with your eBike.
What speed does it assist to?
In the UK eBikes are legally required to have a maximum power assisted speed of 15.5mph (25km/h). Although the electric power provided by the motor will cut out when you reach 15.5mph (25km/h), you can continue to pedal and travel faster than this using pedal power alone.
Can I adjust the power settings?
Yes. The Gtech eScent has 3 power modes (Maximum assistance, Eco, Off) that you can toggle between at the touch of a button.
What gear am I in?
The gear shifter specified for this bike has no indication to show the gear that is selected.
How do you turn the suspension off?
Rotate the blue lever on the side of the front fork to the lock position. This is shown in the user manual.
Can you pedal without the motor?
Yes, you can still pedal like a standard bicycle without using the battery.
What happens if I run out of battery while cycling?
The battery LED display shows you the amount of charge left in the battery, so you will know how much charge is left before you set off. You can also pedal your eScent just like a standard bicycle without the battery.
How long does the battery last?
We’ve designed the battery to go through around 1,000 cycles before you notice any difference in run-time. Spare batteries can be ordered from our website.
How do you charge the battery?
You charge the battery just like a mobile phone. Remove the battery from your electric bike and just connect the charger. It connects to a normal plug socket, so there’s no need to purchase spare adaptors or extension leads.
How long does the battery take to charge?
The battery takes 3 hours to charge from flat.
How much does it cost to charge the battery?
The battery costs less than 4p to charge (based on energy tariff of 15.8p per KW)
Do I need to empty the battery before recharging?
No. Our eScent uses our latest Lithium-ion battery technology, so you do not need to run down the battery fully before recharging.
What does the display on the battery mean?
“MAX” and “ECO” are the battery mode settings.
The numbers shown are the remaining % capacity of the battery, from full (99) to empty (0). This has no relation to mileage.
Why is the battery range not as long as expected?
The battery range can be affected by several factors such as surface terrain, gradient, tyre pressure, gear ratio used, and rider weight, any luggage being carried. For maximum range we recommend using ECO mode, selecting a higher gear, and balancing the effort between rider input and battery power.
When do I know if the battery is fully charged?
The battery display will show “FULL” and “99” when it is fully charged.
What type of battery is used?
The battery is Li-Ion.
Is there a USB on battery?
Yes, this can be used to charge 5V devices such as mobile phones when you are out and about.
Are the batteries the same fit as the City and Sports?
No, the battery and charger cannot be interchanged with the City and Sports models.
Can I secure the battery?
A lock can be purchased from Gtech that can be used to secure the battery to the bike frame.
How do I look after my Mountain eBike?
We’ve made the Gtech eScent easy to maintain, so there is no special maintenance required. Video guides and printable instructions to help you guide you through any parts that you need to maintain are available in this section.
How do I clean my Mountain eBike?
You should remove the battery from your electric bike before cleaning it. Remove heavy dirt with a soft bristled brush and then wash with warm water. Regular cleaning of your bike will lengthen its lifespan. After cleaning, dry your bike using a soft cloth. Only wash the belt drive with water. Never use a high-pressure cleaner to wash your electronic bike, it could damage the electronics and never fully submerge your electric bicycle.
Can I change the seat?
Gtech do not offer any alternative seats. There are a wide range of after market seats available from bike shops and online retailers, but Gtech do not recommend changing components and the use of unauthorised components may invalidate your warranty.
Can I change the settings of the suspension seat post?
The eScent is supplied with a medium hardness setting. A range of softer and stiffer elastomers are available from online retailers.
How long will the chain last?
Chains are consumable items that will eventually wear and need replacement. The life will depend on the use and maintenance. A chain used in dirty condition without regular cleaning and lubrication may last up to 1000miles. This will be extended by clean use and regular lubrication.
Are there any parts from the other bikes that will fit this one?
Gtech do not recommend changing components and the use of unauthorised components may invalidate your warranty.
Are the tyres only available from Gtech?
Tyres can be purchased from bike shops and online retailers The fitted size is 27.5” x 2.35”.

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