Gtech AirRam Features on Top Ten List of 2015

Gtech AirRam Features In Top 10 Products of 2015

The Gtech AirRam cordless vacuum cleaner has been named as the second most popular product on list of top 10 products of 2015. The team at Gtech would like to thank everyone for their support for the AirRam over the last year – we’ve received some great feedback from our customers, and are proud to have our product named as one of the most popular of 2015 by Which.

“It delivers stellar suction on laminate floors, picks up pet hair that has been combed into carpet quickly and, compared to other cordless models, it is also very good at sucking up fine dust from carpets. The Gtech is also light and easy to use….the battery lasts the longest of any cordless model we tested in 2014.” Which Review

With such great feedback from both customers and the media, we're delighted that so many of you appreciate our cordless vacuum cleaner that makes for an easy and efficient cleaning tool.

Our engineers are continuously working to ensure AirRam performs as well as it possibly can and to ensure that we deliver the best vacuum cleaner we can.

How AirRam makes vacuuming simple

The AirRam’s rotating brush bars efficiently pick up debris while its low profile helps you to reach under furniture. We wanted the AirRam to be lightweight enough for you to carry it easily from room to room, with no bulky components to hold you back. With no cord, the Gtech AirRam is in the ideal choice if you are looking for a lightweight cordless vacuuming.

Gtech AirRam explained: Our technical video:

When designing the AirRam, we wanted to push the boundaries of cordless vacuuming, making a high performing cordless vacuum that makes life easier for you. With a battery that holds a charge for up to 40 minutes, you have ample time to clean your house top to bottom, easily lifting it upstairs. And with the battery charging in four hours, the AirRam provides swift recharge time, so you can continue to use your cordless AirRam vacuum with no fuss.

The AirRam is great at picking up hair too. It effectively picks up pet hair from laminate flooring and carpets, pulling it away from the surface and tucking it away in compact bales. Dirt and dust collected by the AirRam is compressed into bales that you can just drop into the bin. With filters that can be removed and washed, your AirRam has been built to make vacuuming easier for you.

Thanks again from the Gtech team - we hope that you continue to love vacuuming with your AirRam cordless vacuum cleaner as much as we enjoyed designing it.