Behind the scenes with our Creative team

Behind the scenes with Gtech’s Creative crew

Here at Gtech, we love heading out on photoshoots - beautiful locations, loads of fun, great products and, of course, our adorable Gtech Collie. We thought we’d let you in on our latest photoshoot so you can find out what really goes on behind the scenes…

Behind the scenes of Gtech’s product photoshoot.*

Heading off on location

Last week, our Creative team set off with three professional models (including an incredibly sweet, very furry one!) and a truck full of Gtech products – you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled to find out which ones! Before going on any professional photoshoot, the team get together for pre-production meetings, planning out every second of the day. We do the work in-house to make sure everything we do has a genuine ‘Gtech’ feel to it. As customers, you need to see how our products will fit into your home and lifestyle, which is exactly what we aim to convey through our product photography.

Product photography planning

Next up, we source a location that we can really see Gtech customers living in. Our vacuum cleaners are designed to tackle a huge range of cleaning challenges, so we’re always looking for somewhere that has enough space to showcase their versatility when it comes to professional photoshoots. We know that our customers are friendly, savvy and home-loving, so we take our time choosing the models - and making sure that they get on well with our four-legged friend, of course! We also choose the wardrobe, hair and make-up of our models to ensure we get the right look for each shot. Our Creative department coordinate the photoshoot on the day, giving direction to the crew and keeping things running smoothly. It’s a huge team effort, with everyone pulling together and ensuring we get the shots that we’ve planned. It’s not all work and no play though, don’t worry….

Models behind the scenes on Gtech’s photoshoot.

On location of our professional photoshoot

While on location, the whole team are always on-hand to help out, whether it’s putting themselves in the models’ positions to test out angles or keeping our beautiful Collie entertained. Our furry model is so well trained, nailing every shot and, as we’ve found out, doing anything for a tennis ball! Any available time between shots that required a dog was spent cuddling, playing Fetch… and formulating plans to sneak the pup into our HQ office.

Getting everything perfect behind the scenes at Gtech’s latest shoot.

Sadly, we haven’t been granted an office dog just yet, but we did get some amazing shots, so all is not lost. We’ve got some great product photography planned for the future, and we’ve love to bring you along behind the scenes on our next photographic adventure – keep your eyes peeled…

Our beautiful dog model behind the scenes at Gtech’s latest shoot.