Battling Dirt and Burning Calories When Vacuuming

Please note, the data bridge cable and software has been discontinued as of 5th August 2015.

Cleaning the home isn’t really viewed as exercise. But with a Gtech AirRam, you can make vacuuming part of your everyday workout.

When we usually hear the word fitness, we think of a run round the block, a weekly spin cycling class or a bit of aerobics. Vacuuming and sweeping don’t even enter our minds.

But many of the household chores homeowners consistently carry out can burn as many calories as a workout can.

The more physical exertion the chore involves, the more calories you burn – simple.

And as we’re all well too well aware, vacuuming can lead to a real sweat being built up. Your home doesn’t necessarily have to be messy for a noticeable amount to be burnt off either. estimates that just 30 minutes of vacuuming (or three-quarters of the run-time of a fully-charged Gtech AirRam) can burn around 85 calories[1].

But did you know you can get a personalised representation of how many calories you’ve used whilst vacuuming your own home?

Through a combination of your AirRam cordless vacuum cleaner and our AirRam software, you can learn not only about its cleaning performance, but your own performance levels too.

AirRam Software


The two connect via a data bridge cable.

Once plugged in, you can use the software to monitor how many calories you’ve burnt – based on the time you’ve spent cleaning the home - or even create your own vacuuming fitness regime!

Where Can You Get The Data Bridge Cable And AirRam Software?

Both the Gtech data bridge cable and AirRam software are available for free.

You can download the software now. And to get the data bridge cable, all you need to do is provide us with the 12 digit serial number on the underside of your AirRam.

Delivery of your Free AirRam Data Bridge cable is also free to all UK addresses via 2nd class Royal Mail post.