Cordless Garden Tools Specialist Gtech Prunes Price of HT04 Hedge Trimmer for Summer

This product is no longer available

Gtech has pruned the price of one of its most popular garden tools, the HT04 cordless hedge trimmer and branch cutter, just in time for summer.

The HT04 usually costs £149.95, but is now available for a limited time at £99.95.

Part of Gtech’s range of powerful cordless garden tools, the HT04 is a two-in-one garden multi tool with both a hedge trimmer and branch cutting attachment.

The HT04 is light, weighing just 2.5kg, and features an adjustable head and telescopic handle with a reach of 1.6m. Powered by a high-performance 18V motor, the HT04 has long-lasting, rechargeable NiCd batteries offering up to 45 minutes of runtime in one charge.

The adjustable head makes it easy to reach the top of tall hedges, with 120 degree movement allowing gardeners to get a good angle to trim just about any garden hedge. The trimmer head is powerful enough to cut through stems up to 15mm (0.6 inches) thick, so it can tackle common garden hedge varieties with ease.

The branch cutter attachment features a circular saw blade, capable of slicing through branches up to 40mm (1.5 inches) thick.

Gtech specialises in cordless technology – it invented the world’s first powered sweeper back in 2001, and has continually innovated to deliver products with powerful performance, and no plug.

It offers two other cordless garden tools – the ST05 and the HT05.

The ST05 Li-Ion Cordless Grass Trimmer features a 14.4V motor, a Li-Ion battery that fully charges in three hours (most NiCad batteries take up to ten hours to fully charge) and a lightweight, 1.5kg chassis.

The HT05 Li-Ion Cordless Hedge Trimmer is an even lighter version of the HT04 – with a telescopic handle reaching 141cm, lightweight 1.6kg body and powerful 14.4V motor.

The Gtech HT04 is a versatile multi tool, and includes several safety features, including a protective visor, and a built-in safety switch, which stops the unit being turned on or off accidentally.

“Using garden power tools can be really hard work – many are too heavy to do the job they are supposed to,” explained Gtech’s founder, Nick Grey.

“At Gtech, we do things differently. The HT04 2-in-1 cordless garden multi tool isn’t just incredibly strong and robust, it’s ergonomically designed so you can use it for long periods of time to get the job finished. It features a high-performance battery that lasts, and powerful 18V motor capable of cutting branches with ease.

“All Gtech’s garden tools are cordless – so you can work in the garden without dangerous trailing cables, or the risk of electric shock – whilst delivering powerful performance.

“We’ve dropped the price of the Gtech HT04 just in time for summer – and with a 30-day money-back guarantee, you can see just how useful and easy to use it is, without risk.”

The HT04 Hedge Trimmer and Branch Cutter is available for £99.95 now from


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Gtech, a specialist in cordless technology, creates powerful, rechargeable floor care products and garden tools, which are lightweight and energy efficient. Gtech offers a range of cordless garden tools, including a cordless hedge trimmer, cordless grass trimmer and the HT04 2-in-1 multi tool, featuring both a hedge trimmer and a branch cutter. Gtech also invented the world’s first cordless power sweeper, the Gtech SW02, which has sold 22 million units worldwide to date. Its flagship cordless vacuum cleaner, the Gtech AirRam, received a 10/10 review in the Daily Mail and launched in the US in May 2013. For more information, visit