Join Us on Our Adventure to Create Break Free

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Ever wondered how you create an all-singing, all-dancing TV ad? Take a sneak peak behind the scenes of our Break Free TV ad.

Discover how the Gtech AirRam’s lightweight design and manoeuvrability made our Break Free routine possible. As well as taking a look at how the dancers reacted when they first met their unusual dance partners.

Our new advert is different to anything we have created before. It was fantastic to see something totally different for vacuum cleaner commercials being brought to life.

However, it wasn't all on set magic. Find out from director Chris Sweeney how the amazing staircase and set, featured in our advert, was created. As well as seeing how the dancers didn't just work hard on set, but also had plenty of fun along the way.

See how we pulled together such a big routine from the dancers, choreographer, director and of course our very own Nick Grey – and join us on our adventure to create Break Free…

Take a look at our Gtech AirRam page to find out more about our upright bagless vacuum.

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