Getting fit in the New Year

New year, new you

Can you believe it – it’s 2018! January is a fantastic time of year; there’s an atmosphere of excited anticipation as we all look forward to what the new year has in store.

Every new year brings with it new opportunities and traditionally, New Year’s resolutions. But before you skip off to your nearest gym to join the masses, we’d encourage you to hold your horses.

Wouldn’t it be nice to stay healthy and active without spending your hard-earned money?

Here are some of our tips for staying fit and healthy in 2018:


Another appealing alternative to the gym is spending some quality time in your garden. As spring approaches, there are plenty of jobs to keep you busy, from clearing flower beds and borders to sowing seeds for a longer growing season. Studies have shown that a range of jobs such as raking, digging and weeding can keep your heart rate up, increase strength and potentially burn hundreds of calories.

Gtech offers a wide range of battery-powered tools to keep your garden in tip-top shape. Lightweight, powerful and cordless, our Lawnmower, Grass Trimmer, Leaf Blower and more are simple and convenient to use, taking the hassle out of garden maintenance.

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Dog walking

If you have your own four-pawed pooch, you’ll be used to regular walks. But why not discover somewhere new? Find a route you’ve never explored before or drive further afield to give you and your pup a change of scenery. If you don’t own a dog or are simply not a pet person, then walking and hiking are still fantastic forms of exercise, not to mention the mental benefits of spending time outdoors.

Take the stairs

This is a simple change you can make in your everyday life, but every little counts. Climbing the stairs rather than taking the escalator or lift is recommended by health authorities worldwide because of the positive impact it can have on a person’s health over time. Not only can stair climbing raise your heart rate, exercise your muscles and improve your strength, but it is a completely free activity!

Cycle to work

Cycling is a great way to keep fit and get outdoors, and thanks to the high profile of British cyclists such as Bradley Wiggins, as well as events including the Tour de France and Tour of Britain, the sport is more popular than ever before. But cycling to work has even more benefits than improved fitness. Commuting to work on a bike allows you to pass traffic jams and avoid time delays even at the busiest times of day.

If you want to power to go even further, faster and easier, you’ll love the Gtech eBike. Powered by a lithium-ion battery and high torque motor, our eBikes give you a boost when you start to pedal, helping you to tackle steep hills and long rides without breaking a sweat.

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Join a local sports team

From football to lacrosse, netball to badminton, there are thousands of sports clubs and teams across the country with a wide variety of sports to choose from. If you’ve moved to a new area, want to continue a sport that you loved at school, or just want a regular workout, local sports teams give you the opportunity to get fit and meet new people with similar interests.

Do you have any more tips to stay fit and healthy in the new year? Let us know on our Facebook page!