An Introduction to the Gtech eBike

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The Gtech ebike, is easy to use and will help you to rediscover cycling again. Designed to make hill climbs easier and with a great range, it breathes new life into cycling. Read on to discover more about how the new Gtech eBike harnesses advanced technology to assist you as you pedal.

Discreet electric assist pedalling

Designed to help you make light work of the pathway ahead, the Gtech eBike is constructed with the same technology used in electric cars. The electric powered bicycle analyses how hard you’re working to give you an extra boost when you need it. No need for gears. All you have to do is pedal and the electric pedal assist will do the rest. So if you’re tackling hills or need to make that daily commute quicker, just pedal that bit harder and the electronic bike will automatically detect that you need assistance and work harder to support you as you go. The electronic bike will assist you up to 15mph but you can pedal faster if you like.

Lithium-ion battery

Powering the eBike is a lithium-ion electric bike battery which is designed to look discreet. The battery, shaped like a water bottle, easily clicks into place, sitting snugly on the frame when you’re ready to use your electric assist bicycle. A full charge takes 3 hours and will give you a range of 30 miles. The battery’s display will let you know when you’re low on charge.

Two frame choices

The Gtech eBike is available in two different frame styles, an electric city bike and an electric sports bike. Each style is designed with the same smart technology and easy-to-use lithium-ion battery. The sports frame features a 20 inch cross bar frame with sports saddle for those looking to go on an adventure. The city frame has a 17 inch step through frame which has a comfort saddle, ideal for those who want a comfortable commute into work.

High torque motor

The key to the eBike’s pedal assist is hidden in the rear wheel – that’s where the 36v high torque motor sits. You can adjust the power of the motor with the simple touch of a button. Choose from two speed settings to assist you as you ride, or turn the power off completely when you just want to cruise along like you would on a normal bicycle.

Lightweight construction

Both of the eBike frames are made from aluminium alloy, weighing just 16kg. This lightweight design allows for easier storage and a less cumbersome ride, even when the electric assist is off. As the Gtech eBike is made from aviation grade aluminium, you don’t have to worry about rust. Your Gtech electric assist bicycle will remain in good condition, whether you want to remain on the path or venture off-road.

Gtech eBike - Save money and time while improving fitness

The main advantages of an electric bicycle may be obvious – it will assist you when you struggle to climb hills and will give you an extra boost when you need it. But have you thought about how much money it could save you or how it could improve your fitness?

Switching from your public transport commute to using an electric powered bike everyday would mean no more expensive fares and uncomfortable journeys crammed onto the tube each morning. With the eBike you’ll be able to comfortably cruise into work, keeping up a speedy pace without having to over work your muscles. An electric push bike can mean the world of difference if you experience knee pain or trouble with your joints, as it will give you the extra help you need when you cycle. With pedal assist you’ll be getting fitter without even noticing, and most importantly you’ll be guaranteed an efficient and enjoyable ride.