Gtech introduces Multi handheld vacuum cleaner to its range

British design company Gtech has released its latest revolutionary product, the Gtech Multi.

A multi-purpose handheld vacuum cleaner, the Gtech Multi delivers exceptional performance levels and vacuuming time, but is small and lightweight enough to reach the hidden dusty areas of your home.

Thanks to the use of a lithium-ion battery technology, the Multi can provide up-to 30 minutes of handheld vacuuming time from just a single four-hour charge.

Innovation in handheld vacuum cleaning

The handheld vacuum has been designed to make vacuuming easier, more convenient and even enjoyable.

Lightweight and versatile, the Gtech Multi can be used in a wide range of cleaning scenarios. Coupled with the handy LED searchlights, which pinpoint dirt, dust and debris, the Multi’s design enables you to reach the darkest, most awkward corners of your home from ridding hard-to-reach corners of accumulated dust, to picking up dirt from the back of car seats.

It also includes a sophisticated electronics system, which closely monitors efficiency and performance. When the Multi’s lifetime washable filter becomes too dirty, the electronics system will let you know when it needs to be cleaned.

The filter is easy to remove, and just as easy to clean. Simply wash under the tap, leave to dry and replace.

Gtech vacuum attachments

With the easily attachable 36cm (14-inch) extension tube, concealed flexible hose, dusting brush, and crevice tool, this handheld vacuum cleaner cleans the home comprehensively - from floor to ceiling.

Gtech founder and CEO, Nick Grey, says: “The attachments of a traditional vacuum never seem to give you the flexibility you need to reach those awkward spaces. And who really wants to drag their vacuum cleaner across the room to another plug?

“That’s the inspiration behind the design of the Gtech Multi. We want to make it easy and fun for you to vacuum.”

“We’ve worked hard to ensure the Multi gives the best possible balance of performance and efficiency.”

Whether it’s the stairs, skirting boards, shelves, cushions, curtains, or even the car’s interior – the cordless handheld design of the Multi allows people to clean seamlessly.”

The Gtech Multi is the partner product of Gtech’s hugely successful AirRam.