Let The Garden Spring Clean Begin - HT04 Attachments added to Gtechonline.co.uk

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It would be fair to say that gardening hasn’t really been high on anyone’s list of priorities recently. The recent spate of sleet, rain and gales has left many of us with dampened spirits and sodden lawns and gardens strewn with branches and leaves.

However, with spring and the promise of better weather fast approaching, now is the perfect time to start thinking about sprucing up your garden. The Met Office defines spring as starting on March 1. To coincide with this, we’re launching a couple of new attachments for our HT04 hedge trimmer and branch cutter.

The Grass Shears and Patio Cleaner attachments will allow you to give your garden a comprehensive spring clean – ready for the garden parties in the warmer summer months. Both of these attachments fit directly onto the head of your HT04, allowing you to transform it into a grass cutting, patio cleaning gardening tool in no time at all.

Gtech HT04 Grass Shears AttachmentPrecision Grass Shearing

Sliding bulky lawnmowers underneath small trees and low hedges isn’t always possible. The HT04 Grass Shears attachment features four ultra-sharp teeth and operates at 1100rpm to deliver a clean precision cut. Its 100mm cutting width helps ensure that no blade of grass goes untouched – even in difficult to reach areas. Designed with versatility in mind, the HT04 Grass Shears attachment can also be used to trim borders.

Ridding The Patio Of Weeds Gtech HT04 Patio Cleaner Attachment

Early spring is the perfect time to make a stand against weeds – whether they’re growing wild in your flowerbeds, or they’ve taken complete control of your patio, your driveway or any other paved area.

With our new Patio Cleaner attachment for the HT04, you can rid your patio of weeds with very little trouble. It features two brushes, which you can alternate between depending on the surface you’re working on. The nylon brush is suited to removing weeds from block paving and soft stone, whilst the zinc coated steel brush is perfect for use on slate and granite.

Gtech HT04 Garden ToolThis HT04 attachment’s wheel lets you guide it along patio edges and the gaps between slabs – loosening and removing any weeds that stand in its way.

Want to begin tidying your garden? You can order the HT04 Grass Shears and Patio Cleaner attachments today.