Vacuuming The Car Clean With The Gtech Multi

We spend hours in our cars – making the daily drive to work, taking the kids out at the weekend and so on.

But despite the amount of time we spend sat at the wheel, we’re often guilty of letting them fall into a pretty shabby state. Whether it’s through allowing the kids to create crumbs on the back seats, or you, caking the floor mats in mud, the end result is never particularly pleasant.

With the Gtech Multi, though, it’s now possible to give your car the kind of vacuuming treatment you’d usually reserve for your home.

The unit’s LED light enables you to pinpoint the dust and debris you might struggle to reach when manoeuvring a corded vacuum cleaner in such a confined space. It’s ideal if you’re looking to collect dirt from under the pedals, get a glimpse of what’s lurking down the sides of the seats, or discover the surprises in your car boot’s most hidden corners.

Once you’ve located the dirt, you can then go about giving the car a comprehensive clean with the Multi’s arsenal of attachments which give you 12 modes of cleaning in total.

Gtech Multi Cordless Handheld Vacuum

Cleaning The Upholstery

If you’re planning to vacuum the car, there are usually two starting points – the floor or the seats. Attach the Multi’s upholstery tool and you can pick up embedded hair, dust or dirt.

Through its clever design, the tool covers a considerable area, allowing you to bring the seats back up to standard without too much effort.

It picks up pet hair too – great if you regularly take the dog out.

Removing Tougher Dirt

Sometimes vacuuming requires a bit of good old-fashioned elbow grease, especially if you’ve allowed your floor mats to become muddy.

With the dusting brush attachment you can work away at hardened dirt, helping loosen it before allowing the handheld vacuum cleaner’s powerful pick-up performance to do the rest.

Reach Down The Back Of The Seats

Broken up crisps, chocolate wrappers and children’s toys – quite where they keep coming from we’re not sure but if you are like us you’ll constantly be finding then nestled in the gaps between your car seats. And it’s all too easy to put cleaning off!

But with the Multi’s crevice tool there’s really no need to; its thin end allows you to reach right down and suck up any dirt you might encounter meaning car cleaning can be done in a snip.