4 Hard to Clean Parts of the Home - And How A Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Could Help

Everyone wants to keep a tidy home, but in reality it’s a big ask. Busy work schedules, the kids running amok and even just a general dislike of household chores mean that our homes don’t often get to that consistently spotless state. This causes dust, dirt and debris to accumulate, particularly in those harder to reach spots.

However, with our Gtech Multi handheld vacuum cleaner, no crevice or corner in the home has to remain unexplored. We’ve looked at four of the hardest to reach parts of the home and how the Multi’s array of innovative features can help you achieve a state of tidiness:

The Top of the Wardrobe – It’s easy to forget about the top of the wardrobe. Whilst everyone is keen to ensure that the contents stored away inside are hung and at their most presentable, we pay far less attention to the exterior of the wardrobe, allowing dust to pile up on top.

With the Multi’s extendable and bendable hose you can reach and collect this build-up in a matter of minutes.

Behind White Goods in the Kitchen – There’s a good reason these parts often go neglected when it comes to cleaning. Moving an appliance as heavy as a fridge, washing machine or tumble dryer on a frequent basis to give them a good vacuum just isn’t practical.

However, if you can get behind these appliances from the side, the Multi’s integrated searchlights enable you to firstly pinpoint the dirt, whilst its thin crevice tool can be slid in to vacuum it all up.

Lighting – The lighting in a room illuminates so much. Yet despite this, the dust and debris sat on the surface of lampshades goes ignored – be it intentionally or unintentionally. It’s nothing that the Multi’s dusting brush can’t deal with though.

All you have to do is gently brush the dust away; whilst the unit sucks it up. And because the Multi only weighs 1.6kg, you don’t have to worry about any heavy lifting.

Ceiling Corners – Cobwebs in the ceiling corners are a tell-tale sign of homeowners not having the time to give their home a thorough clean round - many of us forget about them. But by fitting the 36cm extension tube to the Multi, you can ensure what can be quite hard to reach and easy to miss (especially if you’re the house proud type) becomes a thing of the past.