Bringing Your Home Into Spring With The Multi Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuuming round the home hasn’t always been this easy. In fact it’s traditionally been very stop-start at best. As a result, giving the home a comprehensive spring clean always required a huge amount of effort, compounded by having to lug round lengths of extension cable and plug and unplug every time you want to go from room to room.

That’s why we launched the AirRam cordless vacuum cleaner and, more recently, the Multi handheld vacuum cleaner. Both make cleaning the home a far more convenient task through a combination of their lightweight, cordless designs, long run-time and high vacuuming performance.


Multi with it's 36cm (1ft) extension tube and crevice

Multi with it's 36cm (1ft) extension tube and crevice tool.

Now that spring is nearly upon us, we’re sure many people will be reaching for their AirRam, Multi or both (if you’ve taken up our special offer!) to tackle the dust under the wardrobe, the crumbs behind the fridge and the dirt behind the TV stand, as they look to give their homes the Gtech cleaning treatment.

If you own a Multi, what can you do to ensure that your grand spring clean is as effective as possible? Well, good maintenance is important for efficiency; Keep your Multi in clean working order, and a clean home will follow.

We’ve highlighted some of the things you can do to ensure your product continues to deliver high-performance vacuuming results.

Maintaining Your Multi

It’s good practice to keep your Multi clean, not least because it can keep the cleaning performance of the product at its very best.

If you suspect that your Multi isn’t picking up quite as well as usual there are a few easy things to check.

The first of these (as with pretty much any vacuum) is that the bin could be full. That sounds simple, but it should always be the first check! It could also be due to a dirty or worn filter or there could be something lodged in the hose.

Happily these snags are easy to resolve. Emptying the bin, for example, is as simple as removing it from the unit, pulling the latch and releasing the compacted dust into the dustbin.

If you spot the filter light on your Multi is illuminated then you’ll need to have a look inside.

The filter sits inside the Multi’s bin. With use it can become pretty grubby, and this can also impact performance if not occasionally maintained. Remove the filter from the bin, rinse under the tap and squeeze the excess water from it to bring it back up to standard.

As you never know what you’re going to pick up whilst vacuuming (down the back of the bedroom drawers or underneath the desk) anything from old socks to coins to pens can get lodged in the Multi’s extendable hose and cause a blockage, impacting its pick-up power.

It’s always worth looking down into the hose (once you have switched the product off), and even down the Multi’s attachments, to see if you can spot any unwanted blockages. Detach the battery and bin to get a better view, and then if you spot any offending items, remove them.

We hope these steps are simple enough to follow and with them in mind you’ll be able to keep your home spic-and-span.