Introducing the New Gtech Work Light

Here at Gtech, our aim is to create great looking, easy to use products that make life easier. Whether it’s a lightweight, hand-held vacuum or an electric bike to give you a boost in pedal power, we make products that answer everyday problems.

Our latest innovation is no different.

Introducing the Gtech Work Light – a versatile light for your home and garden.

“The idea and purpose behind the Gtech Work Light actually came from my family – like everything at Gtech, I wanted to build something to make life a little bit easier.

My niece keeps horses, and she would often tell me how she found it difficult to put them away at night, especially during the winter, because she never had enough light. She needed a torch that was easy to carry around, durable and long-lasting.

I thought about all the other uses for a long-lasting, reliable light, including camping, walking the dog or working on a car, and that was the first inspiration for the Gtech Work Light.

Many months later and our fantastic team of engineers have built a great quality product.”

- Nick Grey, Founder & Inventor

Whether you’re walking the dog, working in the garage or searching through the loft, the powerful Gtech Work Light directs light wherever you need it, producing 800 lumens of light*.

Powered by a 22V Lithium-ion battery, you can use the Work Light for up to 8-hours on a single charge. And even better, the battery is interchangeable with the Gtech Multi.

The standard halogen bulbs found in many lights have been replaced with powerful LEDs, built into the centre of the torch for a direct beam of light and the surrounding halo which diffuses light over a larger area.

The Work Light has three different modes to choose from for a variety of situations. The targeted beam can be used to light your way or hunt for items in dark corner, the low ambient setting is ideal for work in the garage, stables or shed, and the high ambient setting is perfect for use in the great outdoors, providing long distance illumination.

The Work Light is available now from just £49.99 (battery and charger not included) – perfect if you have the Gtech Multi.

To find out more or to get your hands on the Gtech, Work Light

*What is a lumen?

Lighting is all about lumens. But what does that mean exactly?

Put simply, a lumen is a measurement of the amount of light visible to the human eye – the higher the lumen rating, the brighter the light will appear. Lumens are considered to be a more accurate measurement to indicate the brightness of a light source compared to watts.

800 lumens is roughly equivalent to the light from 64 candles.