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If you’re new to bagged vacuum cleaners, it can be pretty confusing trying to work out whether or not they’ll suit your home and lifestyle. To celebrate the launch of the Gtech HyLite - our latest, and lightest, vacuum cleaner ever - we’re running through the top 7 reasons to give bagged vacuums a go…

Gtech HyLite compact vacuum cleaner

1) Efficient performance

The Gtech HyLite has been designed for modern homes – it’s compact for smart storage and bagged for a more hygienic cleaning experience. To add to all of that, it’s also conveniently cordless.

This lightweight vacuum has been designed to be ultra efficient, making vacuuming easier on you and kinder on the environment. Many bagless vacuum cleaners use cyclone bins – these require additional power to work, meaning the vacuums use up more of their battery’s charge if they’re cordless.

Our triple layered bags are designed to compress dust, maximising their capacity and meaning that each 0.3L bag can actually hold up to 1L of dirt*. The HyLite keeps the dust and dirt in its bags rather than in a bin – this helps it maintain suction ahead of cyclone vacuums over time and offers optimum cleaning performance. If the suction is kept high, it takes less time to clean than low suction vacuum cleaners do and therefore uses less power. Overall, this means the HyLite is more energy efficient. This also gives it a longer lifespan, making it more environmentally friendly.

2) Affordable and accessible

Let’s be honest, bags don’t have the best reputation! They used to be pretty expensive and almost impossible to find. Well, forget about forking out a small fortune or trailing around supermarket aisles…

Gtech HyLite hygienic bags

Our newest compact vacuum’s replacement bags are available to buy online, either on your computer or on the go via your mobile phone. They’re also incredibly affordable, with packs of 15 bags costing just £12.99. What’s more, they can be delivered to your home in just a few days, making cleaning even easier. Check out our full delivery T&Cs here.

Wondering how many bags your home will need? Average homes use between 7 and 15 bags per year. That’s based on our internal studies, using data from real Gtech customers. We sell replacement HyLite bags in packs of 15 so that homes receive either 1 or 2 years’ worth of bags in one go. That helps us keep our packaging levels down and reduces the amount of deliveries we have to make. It’s our way of helping the environment – and it means you’ll always be stocked up!

3) Low maintenance and ideal for allergy sufferers

One of the best aspects of a bagged vacuum is that there are no filters to maintain. Some vacuums have filters that need cleaning out once a month, or that need replacing over time when they wear down.

With the Gtech HyLite, you simply remove the bag once it’s full (which takes longer than you’d think) and replace it with a clean one. Each bag essentially acts as a filter, trapping dirt and dust, so you’re getting a fresh clean every time you use a new bag.

The triple layered bags have been specifically designed to be rip resistant, so they’re less likely to tear during use or disposal. That makes cleaning more hygienic, which is perfect for homes with kids! The bags trap dirt and dust within the 3 layers, minimising the risk of a dust cloud when they’re being thrown away. This is perfect for allergy sufferers, as those clumps of dust or bits of pollen (yep, it can even pick up particles as small as pollen) are kept within the bags.

Gtech HyLite bagged vacuum cleaner for hygienic disposal

Bags also offer a great way to feel cleaner – nobody wants to think about dirt escaping back into their home after they’ve spent time vacuuming it all up. That goes for hair, pollen and dust mites – all the nasty things you’d really rather keep safely in the bin. Even better, you don’t need to re-vacuum your home or clean up around the kitchen bin again as there’s less risk of a dust cloud or any kind of debris spillage.


Reference:https://www.foodsmatter.com/allergy_intolerance/ miscellaneous/articles/mintel_allergy_report_2010.html

4) Impressive compression

Our latest upright vacuum might look pretty compact, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. The bags are simple to store thanks to their small size but they hold much more dirt than their appearance lets on.

Each HyLite bag has a capacity of 0.3L but can actually hold up to 1L of dirt*. That’s all thanks to the HyLite’s fantastic compression rate. 10L of air is sucked up every second you vacuum, helping compress particles of dust and enhance each bag’s capacity. This optimised 1L capacity makes this cordless vacuum perfect for those quick clean ups around your home.

If you’ve got furry friends, we’d suggest going for our Pro K9 vacuum cleaner. It’s a bagged stick vacuum, so you still get all the benefits of bags – plus an increased bag capacity of 1.5L, making it perfect for bigger and busier homes.

5) Do your bit for the environment

It’s not just enough to talk about preventing climate change – we all need to start doing our bit. That’s why the HyLite’s bags have been designed to be environmentally friendly.

The bags are made from a breathable material, which helps them be more environmentally friendly when compared to bagless vacuums. As we mentioned earlier, bags make disposal easier and cleaner, so there’s less risk of a huge dust cloud erupting every time you get rid of them.

Gtech bagged vacuum cleaner for hygienic cleaning

A lot of bagless vacuums need to be emptied into plastic bags in order to prevent the dirt flying back out around the room. Don’t believe us? Check your bagged vacuum’s instruction manual! This kind of disposal is often advised to help you avoid letting dirt back into your home, but it increases your use of plastic and is much worse for the environment.

6) Longer lasting

Bagged vacuums have bags – unsurprisingly! – that cover the insides of the dirt containers. This protects the vacuum cleaner itself from the build up of grease that household dirt contains. Think about all the things you clean up in an average week, from spilt food to hair and dust. Our newest mini vacuum luckily avoids this kind of wear and tear.

Bagless vacuums don’t have anything protecting the dirt containers (their bins), which means they’re more likely to become clogged up over time. Bagged vacuums don’t get damaged in this way, so they can keep running at an optimum level for much longer and won’t need replacing as quickly as bagless ones. Again, bagged vacuums offer a really low maintenance clean, so they’re much easier to look after on a long term basis…

7) Years of performance cleaning

A lot of council tips are full of bagless vacuum cleaners that aren’t physically broken but haven’t been looked after correctly. Some people opt for bagless vacuums and then don’t want to keep up with the maintenance that they require, like cleaning out the filters.

That’s the problem with over complicated technology operating in a dirty environment – if you don’t look after it properly, it doesn’t last very long! That’s just one of the reasons that the Gtech HyLite has been designed to last for at least 10 years, with the aim of it lasting for 20. Our brand new compact vacuum cleaner has truly been designed for the future.

The Gtech HyLite for compact performance cleaning

Still not convinced about bagged vacuums? Have a look at what our customers have said about the Gtech Pro, our best selling bagged vacuum.

Pro product reviews:

William B.

Verified Buyer


Gtech Pro Reviews

Gtech Pro

"Upgraded to Gtech pro. Excellent machine, more powerful, much cleaner with bags."


Verified Buyer


Gtech Pro Reviews

Great new cleaner

"I love my new Gtech Pro vacuum cleaner. It is very lightweight but nevertheless extremely efficient. The accessory tools are all very useful and will be used regularly but best of all are the dust bags. No more flying dust when emptying the bin and no more washing of dirty filters. It looks good too and worth every penny."

Madge J.

Verified Buyer


Gtech Pro Reviews

What a super product

"Being an older person, I needed a light and versatile cleaner. The Gtech Pro is a super cleaner that is easy to handle and very light. I would have given more stars if they were available."

Dave J.

Verified Buyer


Gtech Pro Reviews

The best hoover on the market

"Being that I’ve been a Dyson user for beat part of 15 years, I found they were getting worse, after some consideration I went for the Gtech Pro as I hate emptying the bin especially with dog hairs. Well I have to say not only am I really impressed but shocked. Even in full power mode it just seems to go on and on. I love it. I can hand on heart say I’m a Gtech user for life."

*Simulation home debris used in test; debris compressed up to 3 times bag’s volume.

Source: internal data, 2019 – amount may vary depending on house size and amount of debris.

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