Getting The Garden Ready For The Party Season With Gtech’s Garden Tools

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The sun’s come out, the temperatures are soaring, and we’ve even had a few regular showers. It can only mean one thing – the Great British summer’s here! And when the summer arrives, it brings with it in tow the garden party season.

However, for many of us, our gardens have gone neglected in the past few months. Overgrown grass, piles of leaves you’ve been meaning to get rid of for a while, wildly unkempt hedges – it’s not the picturesque setting you want to show off to friends and family.

Gtech Cordless Hedge Trimmer

So, it’s a good idea to spruce the garden into a more natty state – one you can take some pride in showing off – before sending out the invites. Although it might sound like a strenuous task, it’s one you can be creative with. Why not introduce a dash of flair to your garden with some topiary?

Using the Gtech HT04 and HT05 garden tools you can go about training the shrubs and trees in your garden into the most intricate or eye-catching of shapes.

Using Gtech’s Garden Tools For Topiary

Topiary is an art that has been used by gardeners for hundreds of years and essentially involves pruning and trimming hedges gradually until they become trained to grow into topiary forms.

Depending on how adventurous you want to be, you can sculpt your evergreen hedges into smart geometric shapes, animals, patterns and much more. Many gardeners cover their shrubs in a wire mesh skeleton to get these intricate cuts.

Through the lightweight bodies and adjustable heads of both the HT04 and HT05 units, you can freely and easily move around to get a more precise cut, rotating the head of the tool by up to 120 degrees.

They’re also great for dealing with taller hedges and shrubs. The telescopic handles enable you to trim without having to balance on a ladder. And a run-time of up to 45 minutes, the HT04 and HT05 provide enough battery life to work on the most complicated of topiary designs.

The HT05 hedge trimmer’s 255mm cutting blades, powered by its high performance motor, makes light work of wild hedge rows, allowing you to retake control and create something that’ll have your garden party guests marvelling at throughout the summer.

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