Trustpilot February Highlights

We Had Some Great Reviews via Trustpilot Again This Month – Here Are Our Favourites

We really appreciate it when we receive feedback from our customers. We now have over 22,000 customer reviews that have been written about our cordless vacuum cleaners, power sweepers, garden tools, eBikes and customer service on Trustpilot, ‘Europe’s largest and fastest-growing consumer review platform.’ We’ll be picking out our favourite reviews each month – here are a few from the 1,303 new reviews we have received so far in February 2016.

AirRam and Multi cordless vacuum cleaners - Reviews

Both our AirRam cordless vacuum cleaner and Multi handheld vacuum cleaner are among our bestselling products in February. We really value all the feedback we get on these products as it helps us to make future product enhancements and gain a general understanding of what customers think of our products and service. We are rated as ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot with a 9.4 average which means there is still room for improvement!

L Reed recently purchased an AirRam K9 cordless vacuum cleaner and finds the device to be both powerful and lightweight. Mrs Reed purchased a Multi handheld vacuum at the same time and finds it the ideal tool to clean the stairs, when she can snatch it away from her kids!

AirRam K9 Cordless Vacuum Review

Ms. Deborah Williams is thrilled with the battery efficiency of her AirRam cordless vacuum cleaner. She finds that she only needs to charge the lightweight device once a week to complete a full vacuum of her 4 bedroom house, and still has enough battery power left for some touch ups during the week. When we designed the AirRam cordless vacuum cleaner, we wanted it to have excellent battery performance so that customers could lose the cord for good and not have to rely on a heavy upright traditional vacuum cleaner. Thanks Deborah!

Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Customer Review

Ms Christine Charles was so impressed with our recent Break Free commercial that she just had to purchase one of our cordless lightweight vacuum cleaners. She feels like she is now “truly free” and considers she has now made the best purchase to date. Christine was also captivated with the shoes that the dancers in the advert were wearing that she wants to purchase a pair for herself. We are sure Christine would look very glamourous in her metallic shoes while vacuuming her home!

Gtech Break Free AirRam Review

Gtech eBike - Reviews

The Gtech eBike has been a popular product of ours since we released the electric bicycle last summer. With more and more people associating Gtech with electric bikes, we have seen strong sales growth and are receiving a growing number of Trustpilot reviews for the eBike. Mr Neil Chitty considers the Gtech eBike an excellent product and was impressed with the customer support he has received. He finds that the eBike makes cycling enjoyable again for him.

Gtech eBike Customer Review

Pauline, from Guildford received a Gtech eBike as a Christmas present and thinks that it is the best present she has ever received! She loves the fact that she can cycle up very steep hills with ease, and finds the eBike very comfortable. Pauline was also impressed that the electric bike was delivered to her already built.

Gtech eBike Trustpilot Review Tell Us What You Think

If you’ve recently purchased a Gtech vacuum cleaner, an eBike or one of our gardening tools, we’d love to get your feedback on your chosen products. You can leave your own Gtech review by logging into Trustpilot or by contacting us on our social media channels. Simply click on one of the social icons below.