Trustpilot March highlights

Our Favourite Customer Reviews From the Past Month (Via Trutpilot)

Here at Gtech we appreciate every piece of feedback we receive from our customers. The feedback we receive on our service and our garden tools (including our new cordless lawnmower), power sweepers, cordless vacuums and eBikes helps us to continue innovating and making the best products we possibly can. Here are a few of our favourite Gtech Trustpilot reviews from this month.

Gtech AirRam and Multi cordless vacuums – Trustpilot Reviews

Each month we receive thousands of reviews about our cordless vacuums, and we take care to read every single one. Our customers’ views are one of the most important things to us here at Gtech, and by reading your reviews, we get to learn what you want to see from us in future products, and how we can further improve our current range of cordless vacuums.

Kathryn - AirRam cordless vacuum review

Kathryn bought two cordless vacuum cleaners from us. She was impressed with how easy vacuuming is with the Gtech AirRam due to it being a cordless vacuum cleaner. She also tells us she is happy with how easily she can vacuum the stairs using the Gtech multi cordless vacuum cleaner. One of our top priorities here at Gtech is convenience for our customers. We aim to turn vacuuming into a stress-free, enjoyable process – rather than a chore. We are glad to hear that you are happy with your products Kathryn, thank you for your AirRam and Multi reviews.

Mr A J Corbett - AirRam K9 cordless vacuum review

Mr A J Corbett decided to purchase the Gtech AirRam K9 cordless vacuum cleaner as he has a couple of cats and is delighted at how well it picks up pet hair. Mr Corbett was so impressed with the performance and lightweight design of the AirRam K9 lightweight vacuum cleaner that he now thinking about purchasing our newly released Gtech Falcon cordless lawnmower. Thank you for the review Mr Corbett, we are sure that you will be impressed with our cordless lawnmower if you decide to purchase one!

Adrian Hope - Gtech AirRam cordless vacuum review

Adrian told us how happy he is with how the Gtech AirRam has helped his mother, as she is now able to vacuum problem-free, thanks to the AirRam’s cordless feature and lightweight feel. Thanks Adrian, we are glad that your mother finds our cordless vacuum cleaner so easy to use. When creating our products, we put a lot of work into making sure they are as lightweight and efficient as possible, making them easily useable for all our customers.

Sharmian - Gtech AirRam lightweight vacuum cleaner review

Sharmian was hesitant when it came to choosing a new vacuum, but when her Gtech AirRam arrived she was very impressed with how easy it picks up dirt and pet hair from her carpet. Sharmian tells us how her Gtech AirRam lightweight vacuum cleaner has made vacuuming easier. Thank you Sharmian, here at Gtech we put a lot of work into making our cordless vacuums easy to use, to bring all of our customers a pleasant experience. Thank you again for your Gtech review Sharmian.

Gtech eBike review

Since the release of the Gtech eBike in August 2015, we have received a lot of positive feedback from our customers. Each month, we receive numerous reviews about the eBike. Here is one of our favourite Gtech eBike review from this month.

Anne Ince - Gtech eBike review

Anne was so happy with her Gtech cordless vacuum, that when she came to choosing an electric bicycle, the Gtech eBike was her first choice. Not only was Anne impressed by the packaging and delivery of her eBike, but with our customer service, too. We are glad to hear that you are pleased with your eBike Anne, and we are happy that we have restored your faith in online buying. Thank you for your review.

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