Which? Survey

Gtech AirRam Named Best Cordless Vacuum Brand

The Gtech AirRam has been awarded the accolade of ‘best cordless vacuum cleaner brand overall’ from consumer watchdog Which? in their recent survey (Which?, December 2014).

In the survey, Which? surveyed 10,986 of their members about the products across 15 catergories. The results from the survey were then combined with the consumer watchdog’s own data, taken from lab tests.

The survey revealed the AirRam performed well on reliability and also customer satisfaction – receiving the highest score. And that those who own the cordless sweeper consider them good value for money.

Gtech has been working hard to get people to ditch the cord, and weight, of their old mains vacuum ever since the release of its first cordless sweeper in 2002.

Speaking about the award, Gtech CEO and founder, Nick Grey, said it was a proud moment for the brand.

Grey added: “This survey makes us feel we’re moving in the right direction, delivering a highly effective cordless vacuum that not only makes vacuuming easier, but offers value for money and customer satisfaction too.”

Discover the convenience of the Gtech AirRam for yourself.