Worcester Stands Tall

This Summer, we’re excited to be getting involved in with Worcester Stands Tall – an art safari through our city. When we heard about the trail of giraffe sculptures winding its way through Crowngate shopping centre and Worcester town, we knew we had to get involved. Created to support St. Richard’s Hospice, the Summer-long event kicks off on July 9th. Having created a Worcester-based company, Gtech’s CEO and inventor, Nick Grey, is always looking to get involved in the local community - ‘We love the project and will do whatever we can to support it’.

If you’re wondering where the giraffe aspect comes into play, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. The art trail is being sponsored by West Midland Safari and Leisure Park… And the penny drops! In a sign of solidarity and community support, dozens of local businesses are getting involved and we’re proud to be one of them.

As some background information to this Summer safari, there will be 30 large giraffe sculptures dotted around the city, decorated by artists. In addition to this, 27 calf (baby giraffe) sculptures have been adorned with designs from local community groups. Gtech are proud to be sponsoring three sculptures that will later be auctioned off to raise money for St. Richard’s Hospice and their ‘Build 2020’ appeal.

Worcester Stands Tall

This local hospice is running its appeal in order to raise funds to expand. The incredible work they do within our community urgently requires more space. By building a bigger hospice, they will be able to offer even more support to patients and their loved ones. This includes current patients as well as the thousands of local people whose future needs are currently likely to be unmet. All funds from the Worcester Stands Tall events will go directly to St. Richard’s Hospice and their ‘Build 2020’ appeal. There are several themes behind this city-wide event, including being strong and standing (tall!) together – the collective term for a group of giraffes is a ‘tower’, after all.

Our two calf sculptures have been decorated by Riversides School and St. Paul’s Hostel. Not only eye-catching, the illustrations and words across the sculptures hold messages of hope, as well as meaningful stories about our community. Our large giraffe sculpture features a robot design, crafted by Bristol-based illustrator, Tim Sutcliffe. This design has been kept secret throughout the build-up to the Worcester Stands Tall event, so keep your eyes peeled…

Worcester Stands Tall

The art trail itself represents the value of creating and enjoying the journey. For the organisations we’re supporting, ‘journey’ is such a meaningful term. Reflected in their mosaic-decorated giraffe, St. Paul’s Hostel focuses on helping individuals rebuild themselves and turn their lives around. The children and young adults at Riversides School are in the early stages of their journey, getting ready to embrace futures full of hope and opportunity. While Gtech’s journey may be slightly more tech-based, we understand the importance of looking forwards and constantly striving for better.

Worcester Stands Tall

Is your garden a jungle? Win a Gtech bundle! We’ll be running a selfie competition across our social media, so get involved through Twitter and Instagram. Simply snap a shot of yourself with our huge Robo-giraffe and tag us in it (@GtechSocial) for a chance to win a Gtech Garden Bundle. We’ll be choosing different entries each week to enter into our shortlist, before choosing a winner at the end of the Summer.

Need some selfie tips?

  • • Dealing with tall objects
    • a. Just embrace it, you’re leggy and that’s awesome.
    • b. Using a selfie stick lets you get a great angle and include whatever’s going on in the background.
  • • Strike a pose
    • a. Smile, be natural – or add an interesting expression.
    • b. Think about where you’re aiming the camera and get your good side in the shot!
  • • Lighting is everything
    • a. Avoid shadows, as you won’t be able to see what’s going on properly.
    • b. You shouldn’t need to worry about using flash as it should be glorious sunshine.
    • c. Try out different filters and have some fun.
  • • Be happy
    • a. Do something cheerful and be playful.
    • b. Have an interesting expression and don’t be afraid of being silly.
    • c. What are you wearing? Animal print is always a good look, especially in our urban jungle.
  • • Set the scene
    • a. What’s going on in the background? Be aware of your surroundings and try and make your photo as interesting as possible.
    • b. Watch out for photo bombers!

Gtech will be celebrating the 2nd anniversary of their new HQ with a charity-event-packed week from the 13th – 19th August. Previously coordinated from a converted barn in Spetchley, Gtech’s speedy rise to success demanded a larger working area. Now employing over 200 staff, and trading in over 19 countries, our HQ is based in Warndon, Worcester. The building is home to our Store (which is open to the public 7 days a week), and Customer Service Advisors, along with labs for our Model-Makers and studios for our Designers and Engineers.

We’ll be hosting events at our HQ to raise money for local charities. Stay tuned for more details on our coffee mornings and family-fun days. These events will raise money for Riversides School, St. Paul’s Hostel and, of course, St. Richard’s Hospice. We’ll be keeping you posted through our Facebook and Twitter pages, and don’t forget our selfie competition! To be in with a chance of winning an amazing Gtech product bundle, simply take a selfie with the Gtech Robo-giraffe and tag us on social media!

Competition Rules

Our selfie competition will be running from 8am on 9th July to 6pm on 16th September 2018, inclusive. Multiple entries are allowed per person. Winner will be announced on the 17th September 2018.

Worcester Stands Tall

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