Worcester Wolves Update

Worcester Wolves Latest - Two Wins and a New Signing

The Gtech sponsored Worcester Wolves have won two of their three games this month, with their latest signing, Jordan Aaron, proving to be a significant force in both his away and home game debuts.

The Wolves started their month off on a high, with a last minute one point lead over Leeds Force, courtesy of new Point Guard Jordan Aaron.

The following game saw a narrow loss against the Newcastle Eagles, before the Wolves’ regained their composure in their first home game of the month to secure a seven point lead over Plymouth Raiders. Having been away for a month, March’s first home game saw a large number of Worcester Wolves’ tickets sold, with extra seating having to be arranged to accommodate for the eager spectators. Jordan Aaron also had a part to play in the team’s latest victory, earning 17 points along with centre Perris Blackwell.

Latest Results

  • 18th March 2016 - Worcester Wolves 77 - 70 Plymouth Raiders
  • 11th March 2016 - Newcastle Eagles 81 - 75 Worcester Wolves
  • 4th March 2016 - Leeds Force 91 - 92 Worcester Wolves

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More on the Worcester Wolves’ latest signing

The Wolves’ latest signing, Point Guard Jordan Aaron, joins the team all the way from the other side of the Atlantic. Born in the Bronx, New York, he has a varied career spanning teams across the US and Europe, spending his 2014-2015 season in Portugal with CAB Madeira.

Bringing along impressive statistics and experience, Aaron has already made a positive impact in March’s fixtures, contributing to both of the Worcester Wolves’ wins this month so far.

Worcester Wolves Head Coach, Paul James, said: “I’m delighted that we have been able to find a player that we feel will have a good and positive impact on the team going into the final stages of the season […] I will be looking for Jordan to step up to the challenge and give us added leadership and production from the Point Guard position.”

With the next fixture at home against the Leicester Riders on 1st April 2016, Gtech and the Worcester Wolves are hoping that Jordan Aaron’s positive impact will continue to extend across the court, contributing to the Wolves’ success. Make sure that you book your tickets early to avoid any disappointment if the game sells out. Ensure you are in your seat at half time as Gtech will be giving away an AirRam cordless vacuum cleaner during the half-time raffle.

Worcester Wolves to play Leicester Riders

Gtech has been a lead sponsor of the Worcester Wolves basketball team since August 2015. We'll be keeping tabs on the Wolves' progress throughout the season.