eBike Tyre

eBike Tyre

Your eBike tyre effectively provides traction in the wet, and handles well on bumpy roads. But if you’re seeing more frequent punctures occur or you’ve found the rubber on your eBike’s tyre has worn very thin due to frequent use, now may be the time to replace it. You may even want to stock up and invest in a few additional eBike tyres, particularly if you use your eBike on a daily basis and expect to see some general wear and tear over time.

Purchase your spare eBike tyres direct from Gtech. Do you need more information on how to replace your eBike tyres? Take a look at our support videos or refer to your manual.

When to replace your eBike tyre

If you have never replaced any tyres on a bicycle before, you may be unsure how to tell if your tyres have worn down and need changing. Remember these few tips and you’ll know the right time to replace your bicycle tyres to keep your Gtech eBike in great working condition.

  • When you’re experiencing flat tyres regularly, this could be a sign that there’s a tear in your tyre that will warrant a replacement of your eBike tyres.
  • If there are any bulges in your tyre, then damage has caused the tyre to become out of shape. You may want to order a replacement tyre when you see this happen. You will experience a smoother ride if you do so.
  • Replace your eBike tyre if you see cracks in the sidewalls of the tyre and the tread is significantly worn down. A worn tyre tread doesn’t always warrant a replacement, but if you can see significant changes to the tyre we recommend for safety reasons that you order a replacement.
  • Need a replacement bike tyre for your eBike? Order online today.

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