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  1. eBike Lights (front and back)

    eBike Lights (front and back)

    Electric Bike Lights

    Invest in cycling lights for your Gtech eBike to keep you safe whilst you commute to and from work. Our set of bike lights includes a red rear bicycle light, and a white front bicycle light encased in aluminium. Developed to help keep you safe when riding in the dark, bike lights are actually a legal requirement if you plan on riding on a public road in the UK after dark.

    Stay safe with Gtech cycle lights

    Adjust the position of your bicycle lights with ease – the rear bicycle light can be adjusted under your bicycle seat so that it is clearly visible to traffic behind you. And the front bicycle light can be adjusted on the handlebars of your eBike, so you don’t have to worry about struggling to equip your eBike with the necessary bike lights to keep you safe as you cycle.

    With a strong output of light helping you to ensure your pathway is well-lit as you cycle, the front bike light is suitable for use both town and country use, whether street lighting is present or not. With a sturdy mount built into both the front and rear cycle lights, you can rely on the eBike lights to stay securely in place when you need to light your pathway. Our set of cycle lights will keep you safe on the road and also light your path, leaving you to enjoy your eBike and the hassle-free ride home.

  2. eBike Helmet

    eBike Helmet

    Electric Bike Helmet

    Pick up a bike helmet to protect you from potential injury as you cycle. The Gtech bike helmet is lightweight and easily adjusted for a comfortable but snug fit, and features specialist shaped vents for good airflow as you cycle. With an aerodynamic design and inner padding for extra comfort, the Gtech cycle helmet offers style and protection.

    Stay protected with a Gtech eBike helmet

    A bike helmet is the most important cycling accessory you’ll need to invest in. The Gtech bike helmet has been designed to withstand high impacts and with safety as a first priority. This helmet has a deep fit and more protection at the rear for improved durability, while an extended peak at the front protects you from the elements. Made from shock absorbing polystyrene and featuring a retention system for a better fit, your Gtech cycle helmet will provide a comfortable fit and high quality protection.

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