eBike Pedal set

eBike Pedal

You may need to remove your pedals for general bicycle maintenance, or if you are travelling with your electric bike. You can order replacement bicycle pedals for your Gtech eBike direct from this webpage.

Replacing your eBike pedals

Replacing your eBike pedals is a simple process, once you have the right tool, a 15mm pedal wrench. You may need to loosen up your pedals with some oil to make the removal process easier. If you don’t have the appropriate pedal wrench, you may want to take your eBike to a local bike shop to have new pedals fitted by a professional.

Once you have used oil to loosen up the pedal threads you can start to unscrew the pedals using your pedal wrench. Remember, the left pedal is reverse threaded so you will have to turn the pedal clockwise to remove it. The right side should be turned anti-clockwise to remove it.

To fit your new eBike pedals, all you have to do is screw them back into the arm crank using the pedal wrench and ensure you fully tighten them. Remember that your left pedal needs to be screwed back in using an anti-clockwise motion, and the right pedal with a clockwise motion.

Need to replace your eBike’s pedals? Order them online today.

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