Rear eBike Wheel

Rear eBike Wheel (Complete assembly including motor) NB: Not including inner tube or tyre

Need a spare eBike wheel? If you’re an eBike enthusiast who frequently racks up miles, you may find that your wheels are showing signs of wear and tear. Look out for snapped spokes or worn rims that may weaken your electric bicycle wheels – that may be the time to replace your eBike wheel. Don’t worry, you’ll soon be back on the road – we supply all the eBike spares you could need, including the rear eBike wheel. As the eBike motor is built into the rear wheel, this comes as one complete assembly.

How to replace your rear eBike wheel

Replacing your rear eBike wheel is a simple process.

  1. Start by removing the brake system, then turn your eBike upside down so it sits on the saddle in a sturdy position.
  2. The hub connector on the left side of the eBike will need to be located. With your Gtech tool, disconnect the cable which holds the hub connector in place.
  3. Using the Gtech tool, turn the bolts at the rear wheel hub anticlockwise to loosen them. There is no need to completely remove the bolts.
  4. Now you can remove the belt tension adjusters by loosening the corresponding bolts.
  5. Feed the drive belt from the pedal sprocket by slowly turning the pedals. Make sure the drive belt is pushed out of the way before removing the rear wheel completely.
  6. Now you can attach your new rear eBike wheel. Remember to keep the drive belt resting on the outside of the rear fork as you slide the wheel into the rear sprocket.
  7. Reattach the drive belt, and feed it on using the pedals. Now you can tighten everything back up – don’t forget to reattach the hub connector cable.

For more information on removing your rear eBike wheel watch our eBike support videos, or refer to your eBike manual.

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