eBike City Saddle

eBike City Saddle

Need a spare city bike saddle for your Gtech eBike? You’ll find it right here – simply order below for your spare road bike saddle.

Built for comfort to suit your eBike City frame, the city bike saddle won’t need replacing often, but it can help to have a spare, should it ever get damaged or if you want an additional city bike saddle for use with your eBike sport frame. That way, you can switch between the comfortable city bike saddle and the dynamic sport version whenever you want to.

Adjust the eBike city saddle

Not sure at which height your city saddle should be? If, when sitting on your eBike you can reach the pedal with your heel, with your knee straight – that’s the right height for you. If you need to adjust the height of your eBike city saddle, all you have to do is pull back the lever just under the saddle. Adjust the city saddle to the correct height for you, then close the lever - it really is that simple.

You can also adjust the saddle travel, so the eBike city saddle is in the perfect riding position for you. Directly under the bike saddle you’ll find a bolt. Loosen this with an Allen Key to adjust the position of the saddle. You can move it back and forth until it’s in the right position.

Need a replacement eBike city saddle? Order yours online today. Check out our eBike support videos for further information on adjusting your saddle.

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