eBike Front Wheel

eBike Front Wheel

If you use your electric bike daily, you may eventually experience some general wear and tear. Thankfully keeping up with the maintenance of your Gtech eBike is simple and replacement parts are easy to fit. We offer all the spare parts you’ll need to keep your eBike in top working condition.

When you experience multiple flat tyres in a short space of time, or see cracks and bulges appear in your electric bicycle wheel, you may need to replace it. Order your spare eBike front wheel direct from us and you’ll be back on the road in no time.

Removing your eBike front wheel

Remove your front eBike wheel by detaching the brakes. You can do this by squeezing the brake arms together and lifting out the brake cable. You’ll then need to place the eBike upside down and simply pull the lever on the front wheel. Now loosen the adjustment nut that connects the front wheel to the frame. Turn the nut anticlockwise and, once loosened, remove the front wheel from the frame. There is an instructional video on our eBike support page

Need to replace your eBike wheel? Order your replacement online today.

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