AirRam MK1 Battery

The spare AirRam battery enables you to complement your current vacuuming power, doubling the amount of vacuuming time your Graphite Gtech AirRam delivers to more than an hour. It’s handy to have around if you have a big home, or to use around the office.

With the Gtech AirRam spare battery you get the convenience of having an additional vacuum battery, fully charged and ready for you to plug in and use. It gives you up to 40 minutes extra vacuuming time plus the peace of mind of having a fully charged spare in reserve.

The Gtech AirRam Battery delivers 40 minutes of vacuuming time on a full four hour charge. It’s a professional-grade 22V li-ion battery, which enables the Graphite AirRam to deliver cleaning performance over a greater amount of time.

You can of course use this Gtech battery as a replacement for your original. Designed for use with the Graphite Gtech AirRam, this Gtech battery will allow you to continue to keep your home or workplace spic-and-span.

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Compatible With
AirRam MK1 (AR02)