Multi MK1 Battery

A Gtech Multi handheld vacuum battery for the original Multi MK1. When fully-charged, the Gtech Multi’s battery is capable of providing up to 30 minutes of cordless, handheld vacuuming time. However, with this additional handheld vacuum cleaner battery, you can double the amount of powerful vacuum cleaning time your Multi delivers.

When you see the red light on your Multi, grab the fully-charged extra battery, switch over and simply carry on cleaning.

If you have damaged or need to replace your battery, this replacement will allow you to continue using your handheld vaccum.

The Multi’s long-run vacuuming time is delivered by a 22V lithium-ion battery. Charge it for four hours to get half-an-hour of vacuuming time. An hour’s charge will provide a shorter burst of run-time, perfect for quick clean ups.

Fitting your replacement handheld vacuum cleaner battery can be done in a matter of seconds. Push the green buttons on the side of the old Gtech battery before pulling it away from the main unit and replacing.

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Compatible With
Multi MK1 (ATF001)