A nozzle tube for your Gtech Multi handheld vacuum.

If you damage the extendable vacuum hose and nozzle tube on your Multi handheld vacuum cleaner, it has a significant impact on the unit’s cleaning performance, as well as its efficiency. This replacement vacuum cleaner nozzle tube is easy to fit and will allow you to continue vacuuming throughout the home and beyond – from sofa to car.

Extendable Vacuum Cleaner Nozzle Tube

Built into the unit, the extendable vacuum hose and nozzle tube allows you to reach further. All you have to do is pull the vacuum hose forward for greater reach.

Fitting The Replacement Extendable Vacuum Hose

Removing the damaged nozzle tube from your Gtech Multi takes no time at all. Remove the unit’s bin, push the green release button, pull the vacuum cleaner hose away from the Multi, then fit the replacement. Having fitted it you can go back to giving your home the Gtech cleaning treatment.

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