Gtech’s first bagged vacuum cleaner.

Designed for busy homes, the new Gtech Pro combines the convenience of cordless cleaning with hygienic bags for easy disposal, reducing maintenance time and helping to keep your bin, and the surrounding area, clean and dust free.

Clean like a pro

With a dust capacity of 1.5 litres, the Gtech Pro’s breathable bags hold more than 3 times the dirt compared to most cordless vacuum cleaners of a similar size. Each bag can last up to 1-3 months in an average home before needing to be changed.

Designed for maximum particle intake, the bags have three layers to effectively contain dust and debris from around your home.

Take charge of your cleaning routine and stay stocked for the future.

10 for £9.99

Bag installation and removal

Fit the bag collar onto the tube underneath the lid and push it up firmly.

New bags have a tendency to sit flat when first attached. Pull the bag down to sit vertically.

To get maximum efficiency from the bag it is important to expand the bag before insertion.

Do not use the vacuum without a bag; it may damage the motor and will invalidate your warranty.

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