Gtech Multi Car Accessory Kit

Car Cleaning Kit

Three additional tools for your Gtech Multi, specially designed to help you clean those awkward spots inside the car. The handy accessory kit gives your Multi even more versatility around the home too.

Soft dusting brush

Long, soft bristles, ideal for dusting the more delicate surfaces of a car interior - like the dashboard. Gentle enough for dusting around television tables and stereo stands too.

Flexible crevice tool

Reaches the spots that other tools can’t, like in-between car seats and into door pockets. Practical in the home as well, helping you to clean behind radiators and inbetween kitchen appliances.

Small upholstery tool

A compact upholstery tool, designed for the precision cleaning of car upholstery. This tool is also ideal for cleaning difficult crevices in the sofa too.

Padded case

Keep your car cleaning accessories close to hand with a purpose made padded case. This case is also large enough to hold all your Multi’s original accessories and attachments, so you won’t be left hunting around for any loose bits and pieces when it comes to interior car cleaning.

  • Gtech Multi – Car Accessory Kit

  • Compatible with Gtech Multi

  • Small upholstery brush 50mm wide

  • Soft dusting brush 60mm diameter

  • Flexible crevice tool 420mm length

  • Padded case 430mm wide (fits all Multi accessories)



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