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The new high performance AirRam is a cordless vacuum cleaner that is specially designed for floor cleaning, with proven performance on both carpet and hard-floors with no settings to change.
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How much room does the new AirRam take up in the home?
The top handle section can be lowered into the bottom part of the handle and the entire handle can also be removed from the head. This results in the product requiring very little room to be stored away when not in use. When the upper handle is down, the storage dimensions of the AirRam is: Height - 853mm, Width - 300m, Length - 260mm.
Can the existing MK1 AirRam spares be used with new AirRam?
The only MK1 AirRam current spares that we compatible with the new AirRam is the Charger adapter.
How long is the warranty period and what does it cover?
The warranty is 2 years from purchase date. You must retainyour proof of purchase / delivery to register. The warranty covers everything except:
  • Normal wear and tear (e.g. bristles)
  • Accidental damage, faults caused by negligent use or care, misuse, neglect, careless operation or handling of the vacuum cleaner which is not in accordance with the Gtech AirRam 2 operating manual.
  • Blockages - please refer to the Gtech AirRam operating manual for details of how to unblock your vacuum cleaner. There are, however exceptions to this.
  • Use of the vacuum cleaner for anything other than the normal domestic household purposes.
  • Use of parts and accessories which are not Gtech Genuine Components.
  • Faulty installation (except where installed by Gtech).
  • Repairs or alterations carried out by parties other than Gtech or its authorised agents.
  • Filter is not covered by warranty.
Is it powerful? How many watts?
Yes, all Gtech products are designed to deliver the same performance as competitors corded products. AirRam 2 is 100watts.
How big is the bin?
0.8 Litres.
The bush bar is not rotating when the new AirRam is on.
Ensure the brush bar is inserted correctly and securely locked in place. Check that the battery is charged, check that there isn’t a build up of hair on the brush bar. If the problem still persists the AirRam could have a broken belt.
Why has the power switch changed from a button to a foot pedal?
This is in order to improve ergonomics and to reduce any strain on the users back when turning on and off the product. This also eliminates the need for any electronics in the handle components improving reliability and increase versatility.
The product feels heavy to operate.
The product is only 3.5kg which makes it one of the lightest cordless vacuum cleaners on the market. If the customer feels the product is heavy to operate please ensure the brush bar, front roller wheels and larger rear wheels are fitted correctly and not damaged.
Can I use the new AirRam to clean up wet areas?
No, the new AirRam is only for dry cleaning.
Has the runtime of the new AirRam changed from the MK1 AirRam?
No, the runtime should remain the same at 40 minutes per charge.
Is the battery covered within the warranty?
Yes, the battery will be covered for 2 years.
Will it run out while I’m cleaning?
The AirRam 2 has a battery indicator which shows you how much charge is in the battery, so you always know how much cleaning time you have left.
How do I charge the product?
The charger socket is on the back of the battery Pack (its a round hole). You can charge it either on or off the product and you can see the charge status on the display.
How do you remove the upper handle, after it has been assembled into the lower handle section?
Press in the small rectangular pin located on the back of the lower handle with a pen. When this is pressed in, press the upper handle height adjust button located on the side of the upper handle and pull the upper handle up and out.
My product looks like it has a crack in it. Is this normal?
Yes, but they are not cracks. The material used has a pearlescent effect which gives the product a unique finish.
My product is no longer picking up.
First empty the bin and try again, if it still does not pickup, remove the bin and then take the filter out of the side of the bin and clean. Also check for blockages inside the brush bar housing, its easiest to do this with the bin and battery off the product.
My bin is damaged, can I replace it?
Yes, the bin can be replaced with a new one.
The product smells funny.
This is because the filter is dirty, wash it thoroughly following the manuals instructions, you can also buy a filter spare from us.
The bin is difficult to empty and return back into the product.
Use the slider to eject the dirt out of the bin and ensure it is fully pulled back into its original position before placing it back into the product.

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