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eBike Light bike

Boost your pedal power

The Gtech eBike will let you fall in love with cycling again. Ride it like a normal bike, but as soon as you pedal, you’ll feel the difference as a powerful lithium-ion battery and motor give you a boost whenever you need it. Hills will feel flatter, you’ll be able to explore further and arrive fresher with our electric bike.

Pure simplicity

Riding the Gtech eBike is very simple. You pedal to go faster and brake to slow down. There are no confusing gears to worry about. Simply pedal your Gtech electric bicycle for an easy journey. With our electronic bike there is no oily chain. We’ve replaced it with a clean carbon belt drive as used on high-performance motor cycles.

Computer analysis

A built in computer continually measures your pedaling, smoothly adjusting the power to give you a boost when you need it. Everything in our electronic bicycle is automatic; if you pedal, the bike will help you up to 15mph, but you can pedal harder if you like and go faster. You will feel the power of the electric bike most if you reach a hill and start to slow down.

How the Gtech eBike works

How Ebike Works

High torque motor

Cleverly incorporated into the rear wheel of the Gtech eBike is a 36v high torque motor. Choose from two cruising speeds at the touch of a button, or turn the power off to ride it like an ordinary bike.

Lithium-ion technology

At the heart of the Gtech eBike is our latest Lithium-ion battery, the same, light-weight, high performance technology that is used to power electric cars – giving you a range of up to 30 miles. For adventurous riders tackling more challenging conditions, the range may be reduced to 10 miles per charge**. Plenty for a day’s adventure or most trips to work and back. The electric bike has an easy to read LCD display, to tell you how much charge you’ve got remaining. The battery removes from the frame for charging. A mains charger is supplied, which fully recharges the battery from flat in just 3 hours.

Aviation grade aluminium

The frame of the Gtech eBike is made from the same material used in modern aircraft – Light, strong and designed to last.

The Aluminium alloy is also rust resistant, withstanding the elements whether you are using the eBike on roads or country paths. Thanks to its lightweight construction, the Gtech eBike weighs 16kg, so you can ride it easily with or without the power on.

Frame Choice

The Gtech eBike comes in two different frame sizes, designed to fit a wide range of people.

Both frames benefit from puncture resistant hybrid tyres, giving you freedom of the road or open trail.

eBike Sports

20 inch cross bar frame, equipped with sports saddle for a more dynamic riding position.

From £995.99

eBike City

17-inch step through frame, with a comfort saddle and a more upright riding position

From £995.99

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