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Our best-selling electric floor sweeper – the SW02 offers high performance cleaning across all floor types. With up to 60 minutes run-time, the Advanced Power Sweeper is lightweight and its effortless steering lets you glide around your home. Its lie-flat handle makes it easy to clean difficult to reach spots and underneath furniture.

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FAQ's for the SW02 Advanced Power Sweeper

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Where can I find my Gtech SW02 charger?

We package each one of our SW02 sweeper models with the charger in the dust tray - rather than in the box. You can access your Gtech SW02 charger by simply removing the dust tray from the unit. Just grip the tray’s clear window and carefully pull it away from the unit.

Why does my sweeper's lower handle keep coming loose?

Each lower sweeper handle on our SW02 features four lugs. If one of the lugs becomes damaged your handle won’t lock in properly, and you won’t be able to use your sweeper, Replacement handles can be ordered directly from our site.
Has your lower handle sustained damage or have the lugs broken? Call our Customer Services team today if your unit is covered by its warranty. Before calling our team ensure you have your model number, telephone number and address to hand. We may also need proof of purchase if it was purchased from a third-party seller.

My SW02's upper handle comes off during use.

The telescopic upper handle slots into your sweeper’s lower handle. If you find that it keeps coming away from the unit as you sweep your home, it’s likely that it’s become damaged. You can order a replacement for a broken upper handle from Gtech today.
However, if your model is within its warranty period give our Customer Services team a call today. You’ll need to provide your address, telephone number and product model number. We may also need proof of purchase if you didn’t buy your sweeper directly through our site or telephone order line.

My dust tray is full - how do I empty it?
We’ve designed our SW02’s dust tray to be easily removable – so you can empty it with ease. You can remove it by gripping its clear window and gently pulling it out from the side. Once you’ve removed it, empty the contents out into the bin, then slide back into the sweeper.
Why does the front of my sweeper lift off the floor when I'm sweeping?

Usually this problem is caused by an incorrectly fitted lower handle. If the lower handle hasn’t been locked into position correctly, the sweeper’s front may lift away from the floor as you sweep.
To prevent your sweeper from lifting off the floor, refit the lower handle by lowering it until flat against the floor. Rotate it round by 180 degrees clockwise, and lift it back into the standard upright position.

My sweeper's run-time has dipped.

There are a number of issues that could be causing your sweeper not to run for as long as it should. Depending on its age, your SW02 is fitted with a NiMH (nickel metal hydride) or NiCd (nickel cadmium) battery capable of providing up to an hour of sweeping time from a full charge. However, if it isn’t fully charged, the Gtech SW02 battery won’t run for the optimal time. For a full charge you should run the battery until almost flat, then charge for 12-16 hours. You can find full charging instructions in the online version of your Gtech SW02 manual.
A clogged brush bar can also lead to reduced battery run-times. If you allow the brush bar to become clogged with a build-up of dirt and hair, the unit’s motor has to work harder to provide the power needed to rotate it. This results in a greater amount of battery life being consumed. You should clean your brush bar on a regular basis. If you want to find out more on removing and cleaning the brush bar, then please read our detailed SW02 instructions.
Our NiMH and NiCd sweeper batteries enable your sweeper to deliver powerful performance around your home. However, with heavy use their performance levels can drop. Each one typically has a lifespan of between 18 and 24-months. If you own an older SW02 model you can pick up a replacement sweeper battery, as well as other Gtech SW02 spares, from our site.
Changing your Gtech SW02 battery is a task that can be carried out in a matter of minutes. Download the SW02 instructions on how to replace your sweeper’s battery for more information.
If you continue to experience difficulties with your cordless sweeper battery and your sweeper is still within its warranty period, please give our Customer Services team a call. You’ll need to have your address, contact telephone number and model number. If you purchased your SW02 from a third-party retailer, such as Amazon or John Lewis, our Customer Services team may also need proof of purchase.

Why isn't my Gtech SW02 battery re-charging?

Your SW02 features an LED light which illuminates when the battery is correctly charging. You can find it next to the unit’s on/off switch. If the LED light doesn’t switch on when you’ve plugged in your Gtech SW02 charger, you can check for faults by following these steps:

  1. Plug your Gtech sweeper charger into a mains socket and your sweeper.
  2. Check the mains socket is switched on, then push the on/off button and wait for five seconds.
  3. If your Gtech SW02 charger is working correctly, the LED light will illuminate and the battery will charge. Let your sweeper battery charge for the full charging time of 12-16-hours before using it around your home.
  4. If, after carrying out the checks, your model’s LED light hasn’t illuminated, your charger may have developed a fault. You can replace your faulty charger by ordering a new one from our site. Scroll down to see the full selection of Gtech SW02 spares we offer. Have you found a fault with your charger? You can contact our Customer Services team if your sweeper is covered by its warranty. Make sure you have your model number, telephone number and address to hand when you call. If you didn’t buy your sweeper directly from Gtech we may need proof of purchase.

Which type of battery does my sweeper have?

Depending on its age, your sweeper could be fitted with either a NiMH or NiCd battery.
You can check which type of battery is used in your sweeper by looking at the rating label (a silver sticker on the underside of the product). The battery type is normally written underneath the recycling logo (a picture of a wheelie bin with a cross through it).
If the battery type isn’t visible on the rating label, you will need to check the battery itself. To download instructions on how to remove the battery click here.
Once you have established which type of battery your SW02 sweeper uses, you can order a replacement from our website.

Do I need an NiMH or NiCd Gtech SW02 charger?

There are two different types of Gtech SW02 Advanced Power Sweeper – a model powered by a NiMH battery, and a NiCd variant. Both models require a different type of Gtech sweeper charger.
Finding out which type of Gtech sweeper battery your model requires is an easy task. Check the underside of your unit to find its rating label – a silver sticker. Underneath the recycling logo (a picture of a wheelie bin with a cross through it) you should find some text detailing which type you require.
However, if this information isn’t visible on the rating label, you can also determine which one you need to order by checking your charger. If it has a circular charge socket, you’ll need a NiCd battery. If it’s a rectangular socket, you’ll need to order a NiMH battery.
Having established which battery your SW02 needs, you can order a replacement from our site.
Full instructions on how remove and replace your Gtech sweeper battery, please download our SW02 manual.

How do I replace my Gtech SW02 battery?

Download the full SW02 instructions which detail how to replace both the NiMH (nickel metal hydride) and NiCd (nickel cadmium) batteries that power your sweeper.

Why isn't the brush bar rotating?

With use around your home, the drive belt that powers your sweeper’s brush bar can become disconnected from both the brush bar and the motor. It’s an occasional occurrence and one that can be rectified very easily.
If you find your drive belt is connected to the brush bar but not the motor, follow these SW02 instructions.
Alternatively, if the drive belt has become detached from the motor but remains connected to the brush bar, follow these instructions. You may find that the drive belt is attached to both brush bar and motor. If this is the case, it’s likely that the drive belt has become stretched – an issue that can develop with heavy regular use. A stretched drive belt doesn’t have the tension needed to rotate that brush bar. If this happens, contact our Customer Services team for more advice and information.

What would cause my sweeper to make strange noises?

It’s unlikely, but if you notice your sweeper’s starting to produce unusual noises, you should carry out the following checks:

  1. Switch your sweeper on and check to see whether the edge brush has become jammed. Switch the unit off and rotate the brush bar with your hand. You should be able to rotate it with relative ease.
  2. If it doesn’t turn when switched on, or it feels like it’s seized up when you try to rotate it by hand, it’s likely to have broken. You’ll need to replace a broken brush bar with a replacement. We sell full replacement brush bar kits on our site.
    If your brush bar is broken and your SW02 is covered by its warranty, contact our Customer Services team for more advice. Please ensure you’ve got your address, contact number and model number ready when you call. You may also need to proof of purchase if you purchased your model from a third-party seller.

    Brush Bar Kit - Includes Edge Brush

    Brush Bar Kit - Includes Edge Brush

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What do I need to do to remove my brush bar for cleaning?

We recommend that you clean your sweeper's brush bar on a regular basis to maintain optimal performance levels. For more information on cleaning brush bars, download the SW02 instructions.

Replacing the drive belt.

You can find full instructions on how to replace a damaged drive belt by reading our manual.

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