Graphite charger

Keep the battery on your Gtech fully charged with this graphite Gtech charger that works with a variety of Gtech models, including AirRam, AirRam K9, Multi, ST20 Grass Trimmer and HT20 Hedge Trimmer. Whether you’ve lost your Gtech charger or it’s become damaged over time, this replacement means your home doesn’t have to go without the Gtech treatment.

Chargers That Deliver Long Run-Times

This Graphite Gtech charger offers a quick charging time.

Over a shorter charge time of an hour, the Graphite Gtech charger will provides your product a burst of power, giving you enough time for a quick clean up before guest arrive, or a quick trim of your garden hedges.

A Spare Gtech Charger

The Graphite Gtech charger is also ideal to have around as a spare, if you have more than one battery for your Gtech product, or you simply want to ensure you can always keep it charged.

∆ Runtimes quoted may vary depending on surfaces cleaned and attachments used.



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