Top Handle and Tubes Style 2

A replacement Gtech sweeper top handle and tubes set – style 2.

Have you damaged the top handle on your Gtech sweeper? Or have you misplaced the telescopic handle tubes whilst using the unit’s lower handle? Don’t worry. This replacement set means that you can get your sweeper gliding and sweeping the dust, dirt and debris from your home’s floors.

Your Gtech sweeper is fitted with a lower handle, which enables you to transform it into a handheld sweeper. This set of top handle and tubes screw directly into the unit’s lower handle. To attach, simply screw the telescopic tubes in, then fit the top handle. You’ll hear a click once it’s locked securely in place.

It’s a task that can be done quickly, enabling you to get your unit back to its best.

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Compatible With
Advanced Power Sweeper (SW02), Lithium Power Sweeper (SW22), Premium Power Sweeper (SW20)