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    SW22 Deluxe Power Sweeper

    Up to 120 minutes effortless cleaning for all floor types.

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SW22 Deluxe Power Sweeper

Long lasting, effortless, cordless cleaning, whenever you need it; across carpet, hard-floors and upholstery.

Effortless cleaning

The SW22 Deluxe Power Sweeper has been designed to take the hard work out of cleaning. A 7.4V motor does the work for you, cleaning across carpet, hard-floors and upholstery.

With up to 120 minutes run-time∆ from Lithium-ion technology, one charge is enough to clean your home six times over.*

Ideal for pet hair. The SW22 Deluxe Power Sweeper is fitted with strengthened zinc alloy bearing caps to dissipate the heat caused by the build-up of large volumes of hair.

Easy to use

Ultra-lightweight (1.4kg / 3.0lbs) and benefiting from an ergonomic steering system, the SW22 Deluxe Power Sweeper allows you to swish around effortlessly. A lie flat handle and low profile also allow you to clean under furniture.

Easy to empty 0.5 litre dust tray – simply pull out and tip the dirt into the rubbish bin. No messy bags or filters to change.

An adjustable telescopic handle allows you to reduce the height, perfect for storing away neatly.

Stair cleaning

The SW22 Deluxe Power Sweeper has been innovatively engineered, allowing you to remove the guard and telescopic handle, converting into a perfectly balanced hand-held unit for use on stairs or upholstery.

Patented edge brush

A powerful nylon brush bar and patented edge-sweeping brush lets you get into those awkward corners, picking dirt, dust and fluff out of the skirting board.

1-year guarantee

If anything goes wrong with your SW22 Deluxe Power Sweeper over the next year, as a result of faulty manufacturing, we will fix it or replace it.†

A convenient fast charge stand, allows the SW22 Deluxe Power Sweeper to be ready for use in 30 minutes and fully re-charged in just 3 hours. Alternatively, leave the sweeper docked and always ready to go.

Economical running costs – less then one penny to recharge.‡

Peace of mind. Exclusive antibacterial silver-ion additive on all touch points. Kills 99.9% of bacteria including MRSA, Salmonella, Listeria and E-Coli.

  • SW22 Deluxe Power Sweeper
  • Run-time∆ 120 minutes
  • Power 7.4V
  • Weight 1.4kg
  • Cleaning width 29cm
  • Edge cleaning brush Yes
  • All floor types Yes
  • Pet hair Yes
  • Converts to hand-held Yes
  • Telescopic handle Yes
  • Germguard Yes
  • EcoCharge (fast charge stand) Yes
  • Battery type Lithium-ion
  • Charging time 3 hours

SW22 Deluxe Power Sweeper. The Gtech SW22. Our deluxe floor sweeper provides up to two hours of powerful sweeping time. Glide this cordless sweeper from floor-to-floor.

  • Price: £99.95
  • Color: Graphite
*Based on average UK home size.
†Limited 1-year guarantee, excludes consumable items.
∆Runtimes quoted may vary depending on floor surfaces cleaned.
‡Based on an energy tariff of £0.14 kWh.