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Explore our new range of cordless power tools. From our Combi Drill, Impact Driver, and Multi Tool, to our Flood Light and Task Light, our cordless power tools offer full DIY versatility.

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Cordless Power Tools from Gtech

Tackle DIY with ease using our range of cordless power tools

All of our battery power tools share an interchangeable battery and charger so you can easily build up your range, and at an affordable price. Choose our bundle option for a complete set, including battery and charger (with extra savings), or choose our bare units to add to your collection.

Gtech's battery power tools are sturdy and easy to use. With no cord to hold you back, you're free to move around your home, garden or shed, with no wires to trip over. Plus, the battery is as easy to remove as it is to attach, meaning you can swap between tools and jobs in no time.

Use our battery Power Tools anywhere

The Combi Drill is a versatile battery power drill, with quick-change drill, hammer and screwdriver modes as well as an LED light for extra precision.

Our Impact Driver also has a precision LED light, and is perfect for driving nuts, bolts and a variety of other fixings into surfaces.

If you're in need of a cutting and sanding tool, then look no further than our Multi Tool. With an oscillating head and a variety of compatible attachments, you can cut, sand, and saw with ease.

For a portable light source, take a look at our cordless Work Lights. The Task Light is great for illuminating trickier, small areas, while our Flood Light is perfect for lighting larger spaces.