Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaners

Ultimate versatility.

Lightweight and incredibly versatile, our cordless stick vacuum cleaners easily transform from a powerful upright to an ergonomic handheld vacuum in seconds. Enjoy proven performance across a range of floor types, and simple, clean disposal, all thanks to their triple-layered filter bags.

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Stick Vacuum Cleaners from Gtech

If you’re looking for a reliable, high-performance cordless vacuum cleaner that clears crumby carpets and fine dust, take a look at our top-of-the-range stick vacuums.

Lightweight and easy to store, Gtech cordless stick vacuum cleaners are the ultimate companion for hectic households. The Gtech Pro 2, for instance, is a lightweight, cordless stick vacuum – no wonder it’s a customer favourite for quick and easy cleaning in fiddly areas, like stairs and under furniture.

Our stick vacuums are also incredibly versatile. Unlike upright vacuums, the motor and dust container sit neatly in the handle.

This means you can transform your cleaner into an ergonomic handheld vacuums whenever smaller cleaning jobs demand your attention.

With this portability, you can then effortlessly clean awkward areas and hard-to-reach places – just replace the power floor head with the extension tube attachment.

Best of all, you won’t need to worry about nasty dirt blockages disrupting suction in your Gtech stick vacuum – and it’s all thanks to the bag. That’s right, our Pro stick vacuum cleaners pack away dust and debris in a breathable, triple-pleated internal bag. This means you get easy, efficient cleaning every time. And if this results in fewer trips to the bin and zero dust clouds undoing your cleaning efforts? Well, you can just thank us later.

However, if a bagged vacuum cleaner isn't for you, then our newest AirFOX Platinum bagless vacuum cleaner is a great alternative. It has all the versatility of a 2-in-1 stick vacuum, but without the bag.

Visit our Pro 2, Pro 2 K9 and the AirFOX Platinum to find out more about why we offer some of the best stick vacuum cleaners available.

Stick Vacuum Cleaner FAQs

Our stick vacuums take four hours to fully charge. Users can choose to run in ‘Eco’ mode, providing 40 minutes of continuous cordless cleaning, or ramp up performance with 20 minutes of ‘Max’ mode.
Versatile, lightweight and hygienic, our stick vacs can tackle any cleaning project. Try our Pro 2 stick vacuum for cleaning perfection.
They are. Just remove the extension tube from the handle and replace it with a dusting brush, crevice tool or power brush to get through your ‘to do’ list.
Yes. The Pro 2 bagged hoover comes with hygienic, easy-to-remove dust bags. Pop-out and replace whenever your bag is full. You can buy replacement vacuum bags for the Gtech Pro 2 vacuum cleaner. We also offer the AirFOX Platinum bagless vacuum cleaner if a bagged vaccum isnt for you.
Our Pro 2 K9 tackles pet hair with ease, plus you can easily to transform your Pro 2 K9 into handheld mode to clean pet hair from your car and upholstery. The Pro 2 K9 cordless stick vacuum also comes with a scented cartridge to keep your home smelling fresh and odour free.
Both our stick vacuum cleaners are lightweight, weighing only 2.8kg. If you’re in need of something lighter, have a look at our range of upright vacuums with weights starting from only 1.6kg.
As they are cordless, our stick vacuum cleaners use a 22V lithium-ion battery. With just 4 hours of charge you will get 40 minutes run time in ECO mode and 20 minutes in MAX mode.
If you want to enhance your stick vacuum cleaner, you can use our Car Accessory Kit for help cleaning your car seats, footwells and dashboard. Or try the Flexible Power Hose which is perfect for reaching into difficult corners in your home. And if you need some extra storage stage, use the Wall Mount to create permanent storage solution.
It depends on what you need. Our Pro 2 is our lowest price stock vacuum cleaner, however you can upgrade to the Pro 2 K9 if your home has tougher cleaning challenges, as this stick vac comes with a small power brush head and has aluminium components to withstand added strains of pet hair.