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Many of the electrical items that are thrown away can be repaired or recycled, saving natural resources and helping to protect the environment.

- If electrical products are not recycled, they can end up in landfill, where hazardous substances leak into the soil and water, risking harm to wildlife and human health.

- Recycling electrical products is free via your local recycling centre. Find your nearest centre and discover how easy it is to recycle any household electrical product here.

Bin Icon

To help you identify electrical products that can be recycled, Gtech products and relevant components are clearly labeled. You can recycle any electrical product marked with this symbol, so please do not throw them away in your general waste bin.

- Retailers have a responsibility to aid customers in recycling their Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) free of charge when purchasing a new product from them, as per the WEEE Regulations 2013.

- We comply with these regulations by financially supporting the Distributor Take back Scheme. Contributions go towards supporting recycling centres run by local authorities.


- It is important that batteries are disposed of and recycled correctly - they should not be mixed with other waste. Batteries should be removed from the product and disposed of separately at your local recycling centre.

- Recycling batteries is free via your local recycling centre. Find your nearest centre and discover how easy it is to recycle any household batteries here.

- Under the Batteries and Accumulators Regulations 2009, retailers are required to minimise harmful effects of batteries on the environment by ensuring proper waste battery collections and recycling.

- To support these regulations, we ensure batteries are collected and recycled from our premises.


- Retailers who use packaging as part of their supply chain are required to support reducing the amount of packaging that ends up in landfill, as per the Producer Responsibility Obligations Regulations 2007.

- We comply with these regulations by minimising the amount of packaging we use and by funding recovery of packaging we use so that it can be recycled.

Vacuum bags

- Our triple layered bags compress dust to maximise their capacity. By keeping dust in the bags, rather than the bin, this maintains suction ahead of cyclone vacuums over time, making these more energy efficient and helping them last longer.

- We are continuously looking to improve our bags and make them better for the environment. Our new HyLite vacuum bags are breathable, making them more environmentally friendly.

Refurbished and faulty products

- To reduce waste, any non faulty, returned products are quality checked, cleaned and restored to a premium condition. They are then offered at a discounted price through our retail and outlet stores.

- We also aim to fix any faulty products by providing spares before resorting to offering replacement, brand new machines.