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Discover our range of cordless stick vacuums, upright vacuums and handheld vacuums, as well as our vacuum bundles and sweepers. Highly rated by our customers, Gtech cordless vacuums tackle tough dirt, debris, and pet hair.

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Cordless Vacuum Cleaners from Gtech

Wave goodbye to tangled cables and leave plug sockets free for your phone charger. Our extensive range of cordless vacuums make housework a breeze. From our AirRAM K9 pet hoover to the unrivalled versatility of our stick vacuum cleaners, every cordless vacuum from Gtech is designed with you in mind.

Compact and efficient, our lightweight cordless vacuums make short work of cumbersome jobs. They're a great alternative to corded vacuums, which can make vacuuming between rooms and up and down stairs even more difficult, and less enjoyable too. Instead, all you need to do is charge your vacuum and enjoy the freedom of a cordless cleaning experience. It's that simple.

But the convenience of using a Gtech cordless vacuum cleaner doesn't stop there. Our batteries are removable, meaning you can charge the battery discreetly wherever suits you, and only need to bring the vacuum out as and when you need it. What's more, our bagless vacuum cleaners feature easy-empty bins to make disposal mess-free and fast. Or, if you prefer bagged vacuums, you can avoid the dust cloud altogether and simply remove and replace when full. 

As well as being convenient, our rechargeable vacuums are also practical. For instance, our upright vacuums collect dirt and debris just as efficiently on thick carpets as they do on hardwood floors. As you're not restricted by cords or power outlets, you can clean underneath furniture and cobweb-filled corners with minimal effort.

If you're in need of a versatile cordless vacuum that's easy to store, try one of our cordless stick vacuums. They offer a combination of both upright and handheld vacuum capabilities and can be broken down into separate parts for simple storage.

Cleaning the stairs is no longer a tiresome job either with the help of our lightweight handheld vacuums. And pesky crumbs? That's a job for our speedy cordless carpet sweepers.

Still unsure which cordless vacuum cleaner is the best option for you? Browse our full range of cordless vacuums and carpet sweepers to find the right one for you and your home.