Cordless Handheld Vacuums

Portable vacuums for easy grab and go.

Ideal for quick clean-ups and hard-to-reach areas, our handheld vacuums are on-hand for accidental spills. We've kept them lightweight with an ergonomic design, making them perfect for cleaning stairs and cars too.

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Handheld Vacuums from Gtech

Great for quick clean-ups and hard-to-reach areas, Gtech handheld vacuum cleaners ensure dust has nowhere to hide.

Our range of handheld vacuums are cordless and lightweight, making them great for cleaning on the go, meaning you don't have to reach for your upright vacuum every time.

For homes requiring tougher cleaning, try our Multi K9 handheld pet vacuum, which is perfect for tackling dirt and embedded pet hair.

Team up with our Car Accessory Kit to clean tricky areas inside your car such as your boot, upholstery and dashboard. Together, they are incredibly useful when it comes to cleaning up mess from mucky shoes and pet hair from your seats, mats and boot.

Visit our Multi and Multi K9 handheld vacuum product pages to find out more.

If you prefer bagged vacuums then look no further than the ProLite. Super lightweight at just 1kg, our bagged vacuum is perfect for taking away in caravans and motorhomes. It shares its battery with the HyLite too, so you can buy the ProLite (body only) to create your perfect lightweight combo. 

We also have the ProLite Accessory Kit, which includes two extra attachments and a wall mount for simple storage.

Handheld Vacuum Cleaner FAQs

Yes our Multi handheld vacuums come with a powered brush head with AirLOC technology, designed to pick up large debris on forward stroke, and fine dirt on the backstroke. Plus the powered brush bar resists the build up of hair, keeping your vacuum tangle free.
The Gtech Multi handheld vacuum is powered by a removable 22V Lithium-ion battery, giving you up to 20 minutes of runtime with each 4-hour charge.
Yes, the Gtech Multi and Gtech Multi K9 both come with versatile attachments for whole home cleaning. The extension tube can be used for extra reach and the crevice tool for tight corners. The power brush head and dusting brush helps make short work of stairs and upholstery. Add the Gtech Car Accessory Kit for the ultimate car vacuum cleaner. With a flexible crevice tool to get in between car seats and door pockets, and an upholstery tool for your car upholstery your car clean will be spotless in no time.
Our Multi cordless handheld vacuum cleaners are bagless and use an easy empty bin for low maintenance cleaning. If you're after a bagged vacuum, try the Pro 2 or HyLite 2, both of which are bagged vacuum cleaners that can be transformed into handheld units.
Yes, our Gtech Multi K9 hand held vacuum is great for homes with pets. Its power brush head tackles all pet hair and debris, plus it's strengthened with aluminium parts to handle the wear and tear of vacuuming up after pets. The Multi K9 also comes with scented cartridges to keep your home smelling fresh and odour free.