ProLite Accessory Kit

Take your cleaning to the next level with the Gtech ProLite Accessory Kit.

Not sure which attachment to use? The Power Brush Head enhances stair and upholstery cleaning, while the Flexible Power Hose expands up to 1.2m to reach into awkward corners. Then, carry your accessories or safely store your ProLite off the ground with the 2-in-1 wall mount and caddy.

Bundle Includes:
  • Wall Mount & Caddy
  • Flexible Power Hose (up to 1.2m)
  • Power Brush Head (13cm)
In stock
Compatible With
ProLite (MM001)
Woman using ProLite handheld vacuum to clean crumbs on worktopWoman using ProLite handheld vacuum to clean crumbs on worktop

Use with your ProLite

Increase your ProLite vacuum's versatility with our ProLite Accessory Kit. Simply slot each attachment onto your vacuum, for easy cleaning from your home to your car.