HeatWave Patio Heater

Our new weather-proof wall mounted patio heater, will heat up to 6 metres in seconds, providing light and warmth all year long. Weighing just 1.5kg, the Heatwave outside electric heater is lightweight and simple to mount, with contemporary matt black finish, to look stylish on any home interior.

  • 2 kW Power
  • 6m instant Heat Radius
  • Wall Mounted
  • Weather-proof
  • Easy Assembly
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Heatwave patio heater all year round warmthHeatwave patio heater all year round warmth

Heating All Year Round

The Gtech HeatWave patio heater provides a low glare, efficient, all year round heating solution. Infrared heat technology gives the sensation of warmth felt from the sun's rays, making your outdoor seating areas a comfortable haven - even if the air temperature or seasonal elements would usually confine you to the indoors.

Move into your outside

Balconies, patios, garages, stables and workshops - our precious outdoor spaces shouldn't need to be avoided outside of the few warm summer weeks of the year.

Don't be stuck inside, break away and enjoy the great outdoors with that book you can't put down, finish those emails or hit that garage workout you've been putting off. The Gtech HeatWave electric outdoor heater can be mounted on any wall or solid structure, so grab that hot chocolate and enjoy your outside spaces whatever the season.

Instant heat

Infrared outside electric heaters offer a technologically leading heating solution that delivers a relaxing and comfortable warmth, instantly - at the flick of a switch.

The radiant warmth experienced is a natural form of heat that we all feel on a daily basis, whether it's the warmth our bodies emit or the heat we absorb from the sun. The infrared Gtech HeatWave delivers an even spread of heat, warming people and objects directly.

Whatever the weather

The Gtech HeatWave is fully weather proof against whatever the British weather can throw at it, and due to the HeatWave's infrared technology, heat will not be lost to wind or atmospheric conditions as with traditional gas and electric heaters.

With it's compact size and easy installation you can now make the most of that sheltered corner all year round, whatever the weather.

Low energy, low cost

If you're looking for ways to save money on your energy bills* and invest in the latest heating technology, infrared heaters are the ideal choice.

Infrared heating is much more efficient than traditional forms of heating because much less heat is lost. Due to their efficiency, Infrared heaters use a lower wattage than other heating solutions, silently and discreetly converting almost 100% of the electricity they use into usable heat - providing the perfect cost and energy efficient heating solution for your home and outdoor spaces.

*HeatWave running cost is approximately 30p/hour using an average UK standard electricity tariff of 14.40p/kWh but may be higher depending on the customer's electricity supplier and tariff.

Infrared garden heaterInfrared garden heater

Infrared Outside Electric Heater

Infrared heating creates a warm, evenly heated atmosphere. Infrared rays bounce around their environment, heating objects they come into contact with, including walls and people. Out dated patio heaters are expensive and inefficient, with the majority of heat lost as soon as its generated. The infrared powered Gtech Heatwave outdoor garden heater warms people and pets, with no need for storing bulky gas bottles or worrying about the hassle of them running out.

Outdoor patio heater

Comfortably warm

No huddling around huge, harsh gas burning heaters. The comfortable, warm lighting produced by the 2450k colour temperature bulb creates a pleasantly lit outdoor environment without harsh glare and it totally silent.

Wall mounted electric heater

Simple to operate

Simply plug in and switch on, that's all there to it! This outdoor electric heater comes pre-assembled, leaving you more time to entertain friends or escape the house and enjoy some much needed fresh air.

Outdoor patio heater easy storage


At an elegantly compact 570x105mm you can fall in love with your previously awkward outdoor spaces where traditional  bulky outside heaters would not fit. No more unsightly heaters covered in plastic sheets crammed in your garage, shed or side passage - the Gtech HeatWave outside patio heater can simply be stored in a drawer or kitchen cupboard.

Compact electric patio heater

Easy Assembly

The Gtech HeatWave patio heat lamp comes ready assembled. Securely attach to any solid surface outside of your home using the provided fixings and you're ready to make the most of your outside spaces in style, whatever the weather!

HeatWave Unit (and brackets)
Outdoor patio heater main unit  
Warranty 2 Years
Cordless No
Garden Tool Type Patio Heater
Model HW01
Voltage 220-240 V 
Warm Up Speed 1 Second
Power Output 2 kW
Heating Range Up to 6m
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Enclosure Rating IP65
Cable Length 190cm
Weight 1.5 kg
Product Dimensions (H18.5 cm x (W)57 cm x (D)10.5 cm
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How effective are electric outdoor heaters?

Each Gtech electric garden heater is equipped with the latest infrared technology. Infrared has a double benefit of being both eco-friendly (hardly any energy goes to waste) and high performance. The result? You stay warm outdoors – without the typical high costs.

If you’re not sure how infrared technology is different from your standard garden patio heater, let us talk science. Infrared technology emits what is known as ‘radiant heat’ and gas heaters produce ‘convective heat’. While the latter produces large amounts of warmth, only the air around the heater heats up – and this disappears rapidly in outdoor spaces.

Our Heatwave outside patio heaters, on the other hand, evenly target areas within a six-metre radius, meaning you (and not the air around your heater) get the full balmy benefits.

Can you leave electric patio heaters outside?

Yes! That’s the beauty of our Gtech outside heaters - they can stay outside, come rain or shine.

If you’re looking for extra reassurance, we always advise our customers assess the electrical safety of their products. For instance, our HeatWave electric outdoor heater has received an IP65 weatherproof rating. This is the industry standard for any outdoor weather-resistant electrical product.

For future reference, an IP rating (Ingress Protection rating) classifies the different levels of sealing effectiveness. The IP65 rating ensures protection against not just torrential downpours, but also stronger manmade events, like water jets.

Electric vs gas patio heaters

Gas patio heaters seem cheaper at first (in terms of total power output vs initial price), but their poor energy efficiency makes them more expensive than electric patio heaters in the long run. In fact, gas garden heaters consume about 1.25kg of gas per hour to maintain their substantial energy output.

What’s more, Gtech outdoor electric heaters slot seamlessly and discreetly into seating areas. Unlike cumbersome gas patio heaters, our low-maintenance small outdoor heater is portable and can be easily attached to any solid outdoor surface. If you wish to reposition your garden patio heater, simply detach and reattach as you please – easy!

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