AirRam MK1 Brush Bar Kit

A set of two brush bars for the Gtech AirRam MK1. Make sure your Gtech AirRam keeps the home as clean as possible with the replacement vacuum roller brush bar kit. After many hours vacuuming the home’s many floor surfaces, the AirRam’s brush bar can sometimes become worn. This general wear can lead to a fall in the performance levels it delivers.

The Gtech AirRam vacuum roller brush ensures that it can continue to provide powerful vacuum cleaning performance

The AirRam’s brush bar picks up fine dust, dirt and debris, as well as surface hair embedded deeper in the carpet. It also picks up pet hair, delivering high performance cleaning. Created with home practicality in mind, the Gtech AirRam vacuum roller brush is easy to clear of tangled hairs and fibres.

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Compatible With
AirRam MK1 (AR02)